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Chatbot Features

Discover the building blocks that make your chatbot solution smart and unique.

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A unique, harmonious, and integrated stack of features

High-end chatbots are complex creatures built from a carefully assembled set of key features.

Instead of forcing pre-set features into your solution, ubisend helps by developing the exact combination you need for the results you want.

Discover the core and niche chatbot features we've perfected over time.

The basics of chatbot technology

Core features you need

We have been building chatbot solutions for over a decade. In that time, we found that every chatbot needs a set of core features to be efficient -- whatever the industry.

Below, you will find the features we ship with every single chatbot we build.

Some are evident, like an astute NLP engine or an onboarding sequence. Others, we have learned from experience and turned into now widely accepted best practices like human fallbacks and exit features.

Discover the core chatbot features

core chatbot features

Niche features that differentiate

Your chatbot must be as unique as your business. That is why we don't do 'out of the box' solutions. Custom chatbots leverage advanced and unique features to enhance performance and achieve more.

Thanks to our decade of experience in the chatbot industry, we are able to help you build your unique stack of features.

Babycenter, Google, Johnson & Johnson, all companies we have worked with, expect a bespoke solution to their unique challenges. So should you.

Discover the niche chatbot features

chatbot features differentiate

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Core chatbot features

Without these, you can't really call it a chatbot.

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    Natural language processing

    Make it talk. Natural language processing (NLP) is the artificial intelligence engine that powers your chatbot's language.

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    Deploy your chatbot across multiple conversational channels, from Facebook Messenger to a web widget.

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    Human fallback

    Prevent users from getting stuck in infinite conversational loops. After a series of failures, your chatbot steps aside and lets a human take over.

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    Small talk

    Design and train your chatbot to talk the way your business talks. Let it become the embodiment of your brand.

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    Exit feature

    Always offer your chatbot users a way to skip the robotalk and get to a human, in one click of a button.

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    Onboarding sequence

    Your users' first interaction with your chatbot is key. Use it to educate them and get them to their goal quicker.

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    Enrich your chatbot experience with multi-media assets. Drive your users through their journey with videos, images, GIFs, and more.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Give your users the help they need. Load your chatbot up with FAQs and watch it answer them all day, every day.

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    Custom dashboard

    You can't improve what you can't measure. Your chatbot's dashboard displays the metrics you and your business care about.

Niche and advanced chatbot features

Taking it from 'a chatbot solution' to 'your chatbot solution'.

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    Machine learning

    Improve your chatbot's effectiveness, make your data work harder, extract complex insights. Make the robots do it.

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    Sentiment analysis

    Identify and categorise your users' sentiment throughout their interaction with your chatbot. Keep a pulse on your user mindset.

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    Keep information private and relevant. Users authenticate as part of their journey with the chatbot to access personal information.

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    Push and pull information between your chatbot and API-ready applications.

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    Push data from your chatbot into an external application with customised webhooks.

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    Integrate your chatbot into any platform or application; even proprietary software.

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    Explore the booming world of voice technology and voice chatbots, through channels like Alexa, Home, and more.

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    Gated flows

    Force users to provide specific information before they can move to the next step of their conversational journey.

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    Mobile marketing

    Beyond chatbot automation, tap into mobile messaging as a marketing channel with broadcasts, list building, and more.

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Case studies and feature stack examples

Sales chatbot

Selling 119,000 products

This sales chatbot solution uses two core features, channels and human fallback, and two niche features, APIs and machine learning.

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HR chatbot

Unclogging the HR helplines

This HR chatbot solutions uses one core feature, NLP, and two niche features, integrations and authentication.

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Service chatbot

Handling support tickets

This service chatbot solution uses three core features, NLP, FAQ and fallback to human, and one niche feature, webhooks.

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