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One platform for all your
conversational automation

ubisend is all your chatbot, automation, live-chat, and ticketing under one roof.
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Build chatbots

Conversation builder

Create the perfect chatbot experience that works across browsers, apps, and messaging channels. Turn repetitive processes into simple, engaging, and automated conversations.

Process mapping

Use the conversation builder to quickly and easily turn your current processes into automated conversations. To give you head start, your account comes pre-loaded with essential conversations. Create as many processes as your chatbot needs -- without limitations.

Read more about process mapping

Triggers & transitions

Create precise conversational experiences using hundreds of pre-built events. Events are fully customisable, giving you complete control over triggering the right conversations to the right users at the right time. The same events can be used to transition users from one step to the next, ensuring a coherent and successful chatbot experience.

Read more about triggers and transitions

  • Message
  • Page URL
  • User activity
  • Live chat
  • API calls
  • And more...

Falling back to human

Perfect your human fallback process. Use our pre-built features such as live chat or email notifications to enable a staff member to take over for your chatbot. Design your chatbot to fall back to a human at key parts of a conversation, when your users request it, or when their needs aren't met.

Read more about falling back to a human

  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Slack
  • Teams
  • And more...

Message types

Enrich your chatbot experiences using various message types. Use images, videos, buttons, carousels, and many more to create appealing and intuitive conversations.

Read more about message types

  • Plain text
  • Image
  • Action
  • Carousel
  • Video
  • And more...

Validation rules

Gather clear, accurate, and actionable data from your chatbot users. Validate the format or content of their answers before moving them forward in the conversation. Validation rules eliminate the confusion on the user and the data storing's side.

Read more about validation rules


Save responses from your users for a more coherent and enriched chatbot experience. As users go through conversations, your chatbot stores answers into variables for future use. Has the user given their name? Store and reuse it by addressing the user by their name as the conversation progresses.

Read more about variables

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Teach your chatbot everything it needs to know about your services, products, or processes. Our platform allows you to easily create, pull, and store all the knowledge your chatbot needs.

Natural language processing

Create and manage your chatbot's knowledge in plain English (or any of the languages we support). ubisend's leading natural language processing engine works in the background, autonomously creating intents, identifying topics, and widening your chatbot's understanding. No need for developer knowledge; you focus on the words, the ubisend platform focuses on the tech.

Read more about natural language processing


Get results quickly by teaching your chatbot to recognise and answer questions your users are likely to ask. Creating FAQs has never been easier. Give your chatbot one or multiple example questions and one or multiple answers. Our pre-trained language models will do their work; swiftly making your chatbot capable of understanding and answering FAQs and thousands of their variants.

Read more about FAQs

Small talk

Let your brand and chatbot personality shine through small talk. Teach your chatbot its very unique way of answering messages like 'hello', 'how are you?', 'what do you do for a living?', and more. Want to avoid off-topic conversations? Small talk can be turned off to keep your chatbot, and its users, focussed.

Read more about small talk

  • Brand
  • Tone of voice
  • Personality
  • On of off

Document importing

Expand your chatbot's knowledge from documents. Import files such as employee handbooks, policy documents, or product catalogues into your chatbot in a few simple clicks. Teach your chatbot to understand key sections of the documents and use them to answer user questions.

Read more about document importing

  • PDF
  • Word

Web importing

Expand your chatbot's knowledge from web content. Create a link between web-hosted pages and your chatbot with a simple sitemap import. Teach your chatbot to use the imported content to answer questions. This importing method stays active as long as you need it, ensuring your chatbot's knowledge is always up-to-date with the latest versions of your web content.

Read more about web importing

  • Sitemap
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Teach your chatbot everything it needs to know about your services, products, or processes. Our platform allows you to easily create, pull, and store all the knowledge your chatbot needs.


Create a data bridge between the ubisend platform and any third-party software relevant to your business. Our API toolkit allows you to create dynamic chatbot experiences by collecting or injecting data; no matter what tech stack you use. If it has an API, you can connect to it.

Read more about APIs

  • API keys
  • Basic auth
  • Bearer token
  • No auth
  • Header control
  • Params / JSON


Send email notifications from the platform. As users go through conversations, your chatbot collects relevant information and compiles them into an email notification to be sent to an appropriate person on your team.

Read more about emails


Is your data safely locked away into spreadsheets and CSVs, rendering ubisend's API toolkit irrelevant for your use case? Use our spreadsheet importer to inject your spreadsheet data into your chatbot.

Read more about spreadsheets

NLP providers

Ensure your chatbot is built on a framework that complies with your company's requirements. Swap ubisend's proprietary NLP for an NLP provider of your choice. We support popular engines like Lex, Dialogflow, and Watson; as well as more open-source engines like openNLP, NLTK, and spaCy.

Read more about NLP providers

  • ubinlp (default)
  • Dialogflow
  • wit.ai
  • Luis
  • Watson
  • Lex
  • And more...

Payment processing

Take customers to the logical end of their buying journey with in-chatbot payments. Whether you are looking to accept one-off payments or set up subscriptions, connect your payment processor to create an immersive buying chatbot experience.

Read more about payment processing

  • Global Pay
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Paddle
  • And more...
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Reach users


Let your users engage where they are. Whether that is on your website or your social pages, your desktop app or various messaging apps, create your chatbot once and connect it to the channels that make sense.


Add the chatbot widget to any website. Your widget appears in the bottom right corner of the page, ready to help any visitor. Use the customisation features to tweak its branding, call-to-actions, welcome message, and more.

Read more about widgets


Embed your chatbot into any part of a web page. Create a unique experience of an on-page, contextual chatbot. Place it besides a product or a service description, next to a job ad, or mid-way through your homepage. Use the customisation features to reflect your brand.

Read more about embedded

Full page

Create an immersive, engaging experience with a full page chatbot. A full page chatbot literally occupies the entire page, allowing its users to focus on the interaction at hand without any distractions. Use the customisation features to tweak your chatbot's brand.

Read more about full page

Desktop & mobile

Release your chatbot inside your desktop or mobile application. Allow your app users to engage with your chatbot without leaving your app, ensuring they remain active and engaged.

Read more about desktop & mobile

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Linux

Facebook Messenger

Connect your chatbot to the world's second most popular messaging application. Releasing your chatbot on Facebook Messenger only takes one click.

Read more about Facebook Messenger

Facebook Workplace

Enhance your employee experience with Facebook Workplace chatbots. Create the most powerful, automated ally for your workforce on a communication channel they're already all familiar with.

Read more about Facebook Workplace


Build a thriving, automated, and efficient online business with an Instagram chatbot. Automate your DMs, help customers, and make more sales in just a few clicks.

Read more about Instagram

Amazon Alexa

Create Alexa skills with our drag and drop chatbot builder. Leverage the power of our enterprise-grade features to build bespoke Alexa chatbots.

Read more about Amazon Alexa

More messaging applications

Take full advantage of ubisend's extensive channel integrations. From Facebook Workplace to Slack, Line to SMS, Telegram to Microsoft Teams, and many more -- let your users engage with your chatbot across any mobile messaging application.

Read more about more messaging applications

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • SMS
  • SharePoint
  • And more...
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Capture and retain your users' attention. Use context, design, and interactivity to engage your users and drive them to a successful chatbot interaction.

Chat design

Make your chatbot an extension of your brand. Customise every chatbot element, from message bubbles to headers and button, to ensure a cohesive user experience. The ubisend platform gives you full control over your chatbot, to make it truly yours.

Read more about chat design


Grab website visitors' attention with contextual call-to-actions. These little snippets of text sit above your chatbot's website widget and encourage users to engage with your chatbot. Create different call-to-actions for sections or specific pages of your website (e.g. pricing, product, help, etc.).

Read more about call-to-actions


Nudge your chatbot users in the right direction with contextual composers. Your chatbot's composer, the field that usually says 'Type here...' can be a powerful conversational UX ally. Create custom composers to display a short sentence helping users progress to the next step of the conversation.

Read more about composers


Craft, schedule, and send a single message to your chatbot users. Got an announcement to make? A new discount to shout about? A new product to introduce to your audience? A broadcast message will be sent on time, once, to each user.

Read more about broadcasts

Links & QR codes

Create and use trackable links inside your chatbot. Easily measure performance and monitor which links users engage with. Want to take it offline? Turn the physical world into a chatbot user acquisition channel with QR codes.

Read more about links

Read more about QR codes


Leave a gentle prompt to your chatbot users with notifications. Notifications sit in your chatbot's widget and are persistent until read. They are perfect for reminders or to notify users of non-critical updates.

Read more about notifications

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Step in when your users need you. Use built-in live chat and ticketing systems to engage and close the loop on your user experience.

Live chat

Step into the conversation when your customers need you. Whether you use ubisend's proprietary live chat feature or decide to swap it for a provider of your choice, your chatbot works alongside - not against - your team to create the perfect chat experience.

Read more about live chat


Collect, organise, and answer support tickets raised through your chatbot. Allow your chatbot users to submit tickets through a simple conversation. The ticketing system, like live chat, is part of the ubisend platform to enable you to deliver an end-to-end user experience.

Read more about ticketing


Bring the help you need. Onboard support agents into your platform. Tag agents by their specialism to automatically route tickets relevant to their skills sets. Agents have a unique set of platform permissions to enable them to help customers without interfering with your chatbot's programming.

Read more about agents


Create your own ticket and live chat routing rules. Automatically assign enquiries to agents, add them to a queue, or turn on round-robin. A ticket lands on the wrong desk? Agents can forward enquiries to other members of the team.

Read more about routing

External tools

Introduce chatbot capabilities to your audience without changing live chat or ticketing system. Swap ubisend's proprietary services for an external live chat or ticketing provider of your choice. We support popular providers like LiveChat, Intercom, Zoho Desk, and more.

Read more about external providers

  • ubichat (default)
  • Live Chat Inc.
  • Intercom
  • Freshchat
  • And more...
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Track the performance and effectiveness of your chatbot, every step of the way. The ubisend platform offers an unrivalled chatbot analytics package. Keep an eye on core, advanced, and custom metrics of every chatbot functionality.

Chatbot metrics

Keep an eye on your chatbot's performance with our core set of chatbot metrics. Built from the collective experience of ubisend's developers, analytics teams, and customers, these chatbot metrics will give you a leg up in understanding your chatbot's efficacy.

Read more about chatbot metrics

  • Custom metrics
  • Total messages
  • Top FAQs
  • Average interaction
  • Qualitative insights
  • And more...

Live chat metrics

Measure the performance of your agents with our live chat metrics package. Track responsiveness, helpfulness, resolution time, and much more. Put your live chat metrics up against your chatbot metrics to create a clear picture of your customers' chat experience.

Read more about live chat metrics

  • Custom metrics
  • Agent success rates
  • Resolution rates
  • Resolution times
  • And more...

Custom metrics

Create and track the metrics that matter to you. The ubisend analytics package allows you to create your own metrics, tie them to precise conversation events, and measure their performance over time. No one knows your business better than you; your analytics reports should reflect that.

Read more about custom metrics


Create a compelling, insightful, and unique dashboard. Customise the metrics and key performance indicators you want to display. Organise each metric to create a powerful summary of your chatbot's performance.

Read more about dashboards

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Explore your chatbot's conversations to extract gold nuggets of information. Dig through the conversations customers or staff members are having with your chatbot to extract invaluable qualitative data.

Demo bot

Encourage your staff to extensively test your chatbot before going live. Analyse these conversations to get an initial set of feedback on your chatbot's performance.

Read more about demo bot

Chatbot transcripts

Dig through chat transcripts to understand how users engage with your chatbot, where it is successful, and where it could use some improvement.

Read more about chatbot transcripts

Live chat transcripts

Keep an eye on the interactions between your users and your live chat agents. Explore conversations to assess performance and extract potential automation opportunities.

Data exports

Export all data in one simple click. All reports, chat transcripts, and user data can be saved to a CSV file.

Read more about data exports

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Grow your automation capabilities across the business. ubisend is more than 'just' a chatbot platform. It's an infrastructure for all your chatbot needs, under one big compliant roof.

Team management

Assign roles and permissions to every person on your team. Keep granular control over the access each individual has across all your chatbots, to ensure everyone has access to the features they need to fulfil their role -- and nothing more.

Read more about team management


Scale your chatbot capabilities across the company. With the ubisend platform, it's easy to add chatbot licenses for every business unit. They are all managed from one central and overarching business account to ensure compliance.

Read more about cross-unit

  • HR
  • IT
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Service
  • And more...


Create accessible and inclusive chatbots. All ubisend-powered chatbot channels (widget, embedded, and full page) comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Read more about accessibility


Host the ubisend platform in the cloud or your infrastructure. The cloud hosting solution adheres to strict data partitioning policies. Would rather keep all your data in-house and host the platform on your servers? This is also possible with our on-premise deployment solutions.

Read more about hosting

  • Cloud-hosted
  • On-prem
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure


Create chatbots in any languages. Activate multiple languages within one license to create a unique, multi-lingual chatbot.

Read more about languages

  • Out-of-box 26 languages
  • Any other language available

White labelling

Let your brand shine. White label our platform to display your colour scheme and your logo, and host it on a domain name of your choice. No one would ever know who ubisend is.

Are you a marketing agency or consultant, asking yourself 'could I use this to supplement my portfolio of services?'. Indeed you can! Read more on our partner programme.

Read more about white labelling

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Focus on creating challenge-solving chatbot experiences. We work hard in the background to ensure your data is safe and secure.


Reassure your chatbot users that their data is secure and protected. We welcome GDPR as a necessary step towards more robust control over private data. The ubisend platform is fully GDPR-compliant.

Read more about GDPR

Data masking

Get granular control over the privacy of specific messages within your chatbot experience. Tag interactions as 'sensitive' to mask the data from ever being displayed publicly on the front-end of the platform.

Read more about data masking


Enjoy all the benefits of chatbot automation with an added layer of security. Messages between your users and your chatbot are encrypted in transit and at rest.

Read more about encryption

  • Encryption in transit
  • Encryption at rest
  • ISO27001 certified
  • Cyber Essentials certified


Manage and control your chatbot's data. The ubisend platform's compliance features allow you to follow your company, region, or government's requirements for data retention.

Read more about compliance

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Your success is our priority. Everything, from success teams to documentation, is put in place to help you build an efficient chatbot in record time.


Use our extensive documentation to help you navigate the extensive platform features. Documentation articles are written by humans, for humans -- no geeky mumbo jumbo.

Read more about documentation

Success team

Get access to a team of highly trained and dedicated individuals. Their sole purpose is to ensure your chatbot's success, from the initial build to engaging users, analysing data, and scaling your operations.

Read more about our success teams