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Giving brands a voice

Our artificial intelligence chatbots enable your brand to have on-demand, two-way conversations at scale.

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What a ubisend AI chatbot will do for you

All digital channels

We are the most ubiquitous messaging company on the planet, enabling conversations across 29 digital channels. A ubisend chatbot allows you to talk to your audience through the channel they prefer, including Facebook Messenger, live-chat, WeChat, Telegram, Line, SMS and many more.

ubisend all digital channels

Service excellence

Imagine being able to engage every user in a two-way conversation simultaneously. You can instantly resolve appointment scheduling, questions and complaints across the globe, in any language. Become multilingual, multicultural and always online, across every time zone, using one centralised solution.

ubisend service excellence

Entire lifecycle

Capture a user at the start of the journey, guide them through the process and help in real-time. Humans are able to manage and monitor the service as it happens. Using the same channel, go on to gather feedback (such as NPS) and keep the user engaged with rich media content.

ubisend chatbot lifecycle

Integrative data and analysis

Capturing data through all conversations provides competitive advantage and insight, enabling your brand to better understand your users, predict demand, monitor journeys, and maximise business processes and efficiency.

ubisend data analytics

One solution; all these channels

Facebook Messenger chatbot ubisend Slack chatbot ubisend Skype chatbot ubisend Line chatbot ubisend Telegram chatbot ubisend Viber chatbot ubisend WeChat chatbot ubisend SMS chatbot ubisend Email chatbot ubisend Nimbuzz chatbot ubisend Microsoft Teams chatbot ubisend KiK chatbot ubisend Hangouts chatbot ubisend IMO chatbot ubisend Kakao Talk chatbot ubisend VOIP chatbot ubisend Workplace chatbot ubisend Yammer chatbot ubisend Twitter chatbot ubisend Snapchat chatbot ubisend LinkedIn chatbot ubisend Instagram chatbot ubisend Hipchat chatbot ubisend Allo chatbot ubisend WhatsApp chatbot ubisend


Unclog your HR helpline

Help employees help themselves with a conversational HR chatbot, answering all their questions.

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Power up your support

Give your customers the instant support they expect through a know-it-all conversational AI solution.

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Supercharge your sales

Speed up sales cycle, grow basket sizes, and increase checkout rates with the best 24/7 AI-driven sales assistant.

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The little things

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    Users will be able to self-navigate products and information, book appointments and move along their journey with little employee involvement (unless fall-back to humans is required).

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    Cross-channel tracking protects from data loss when users switch channels on the journey, speeding up the conversation process and delivering a seamless experience.

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    An on-demand, always available, instant user journey will revolutionise your brand’s communications. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your chatbot never needs to rest.

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    Why should a user have to pick up a phone or email when they can just communicate with you in real-time via Facebook Messenger, Skype, website live-chat or even a Twitter direct message?

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    Easy reporting

    Our delivery software will clearly show you how your chatbot is performing. Segment, target and optimise across different channels, interactions, user groups or time frames.

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    ubisend’s AI solutions will provide a unified, cross-business unit and global solution. It will free up valuable resources and enable your brand to solve people’s problems with real care.

A wonderful way to reach my audience

good spa guide ubisend customer review

We integrated mobile messaging to send out weekly offers to our 100,000 user database. With a 47% click rate, it worked wonders.