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Messaging apps

Build Chatbots for over 30 Messaging Apps

Be where you need to be. Chatbot automation doesn't stop at the usual Facebook Messenger and Telegram. With ubisend, create chatbots for all popular messaging channels.

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ubisend four dots Automate interactions on 30+ messaging applications

Automate interactions on 30+ messaging applications

If you could automate interactions on any messaging application, which one(s) would you choose?

With ubisend, build, create, and release chatbots across one or many of these channels:

  • ✓ Three web widgets
  • ✓ Facebook Messenger, Workplace
  • ✓ Telegram
  • ✓ Microsoft Teams
  • ✓ Mobile app
  • And many more.

Whether you are trying to reach customers Discord or employees on Microsoft Teams, you can do it all from one single chatbot platform.

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Build once, release anywhere

Keep your chatbot unified.

With the ubisend platform, build your chatbot once and release it on any combination of channels you need.

Do your customers reach you on Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and through your website with the same questions? Knock three birds with one chatbot.

As you build your ideal chatbot experience, the platform works in the background to ensure every part of it is compatible with the channels you choose to activate.

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ubisend four dots Build once, release anywhere