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Build your White Label Chatbot Business

Get your very own, industry-leading chatbot platform. Expand your services or launch your chatbot business by white labelling ubisend's platform.
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Launch your chatbot business
Enter the exciting and rapidly growing chatbot industry with your very own chatbot platform. White label partners control the margin they put on top of their clients’ monthly license.

Get your own, branded chatbot platform

Build chatbots, generate revenue, and grow your brand.
Whether you are starting a new business or adding chatbots to your offering, our white label programme allows you to do so under your own name.
To ensure we let our white label partners shine, we take the following measures:
No mention of ubisend. Anywhere. This includes anywhere inside the platform, logos, 'powered by' widget footer, documentation, and more.
Hosted on your domain. Your chatbot platform lives on a domain and subdomain of your choice (e.g. bots.yourcompany.com).
Branded. Your platform must reflect your brand. Colour schemes including navigation, buttons, logos, and more -- all are adapted to your brand (and easily changeable).
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ubisend white label chatbot platform
ubisend chatbot business in a box

A chatbot business in a box

Over five years of chatbot building experience, at your fingertips.
White label partners get more than 'just' a chatbot platform. Get exclusive access to white labelled resources to help you generate leads, close sales, and deliver impactful solutions.
Case studies. Get your hands on success stories from chatbots in various industries or verticals.
Whitepapers. Educate your audience, create lead magnets with whitepapers on chatbot topics related to their industry.
Demos. Access chatbot demos built to appeal to the businesses you wish to target.
Worksheets. Save time with resources to help you collect project information, estimate implementation times, and more.
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Unparalleled, priority support by industry experts

Your success is our success.
Our team of experts are on call to help you market, sell, build, and maintain chatbots. We offer:
One free active license. Create a chatbot for your business using the full power of the ubisend platform. On us.
Unlimited demo accounts. Build demo chatbots to help you pitch, without paying a dime.
Partnership manager. Get hold of your partnership manager (and our support team) via email or virtual meetings, whenever you need help.
Training. Bespoke 1-to-1 onboarding sessions, sales coaching to learn the subtleties of selling chatbots, and priority consulting and implementation assistance on any project.
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ubisend white label partner support

Are you a good fit?

The white label programme is designed for marketing and chatbot agencies that want to upgrade the capability of their chatbot offering while building their brand. It’s a good fit if you are:
jim rowe-bot ubisend partner

Switching to ubisend to Create Higher-end Chatbots

Jim Rowe-bot are a UK-based chatbot and conversational software company, implementing incredible solutions with the ubisend platform.

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"The easily accessible tech support and education material put ubisend ahead of other partner programmes."

Chisom, CEO at Rytrack Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the word 'ubisend' appear anywhere on the white labelled platform?

No, we made sure of that. The word 'ubisend' (nor our logo or any of our branding) doesn't appear anywhere including platform copy, documentation, and integrations.

How can I manage multiple clients inside the ubisend platform?

We have a set of features that allow you to easily switch back and forth between clients, assign and remove licenses, invite users, and more.

Can you hop on sales calls with us?

We've been known to do that from time to time. We understand the first few sales calls and demos might be daunting. We're happy to help you with those and pretend to be part of your team.

How much should I mark up your license cost?

That's completely up to you. On average, our white label partners mark up our license cost by 30 to 70%.

How much should I charge for a chatbot?

Again, completely up to you. If you would like our advice, feel free to reach out to your partnership manager with a project brief. They will be happy to give you a guide price.

Are there minimum contract lengths for my clients' licenses?

No. There is a 12 months minimum contract length for the partnership agreement between ubisend and your company. However, each license you bring under your platform rolls monthly. At the end of each month, our system tallies up the number of active licenses you have and invoices you for that amount.

Do you have a free partner programme I could start with?

Yes. We have an implementer and an affiliate programme, both of which are free. Many of our white label partners start by being an implementer and use the revenue from their first implementation to enroll into the white label programme.

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