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Link tracking

Create Trackable Links

Track every click across your chatbot platform, offering insights into your user base you can’t get anywhere else.

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ubisend four dots Create custom tracking URLs

Create custom tracking URLs

Track and monitor engagement with ease. 

Create custom tracking URLs with the click of a button. Set expiry dates, set them to exist indefinitely, add descriptions and names for smooth reporting, and add redirects in case a link expires. 

Got a hundred unique offers and activities? Don’t worry. Like almost everything in the ubisend platform, you can create as many tracking URLs as you need. There’s no limit and never will be.

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Track performance, make improvements

Data made easy. 

Add your unique tracking URLs to any point of a chatbot conversation. Create unique URLs for each channel, webpage, conversation, and more. 

Optimising conversion rate comes from regular tests and easy analysis. The centralised links dashboard displays link engagement in real-time and lets you filter to compare different tests.

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ubisend four dots Track performance, make improvements