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Technology to put Customers First

Chatbots make your customer service faster, more accessible, and more efficient.
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Take customer service a step further

Customers now expect your support team to be available 24/7, instantly and easy to contact. With chatbot technology, this is now possible at scale, without losing the human touch that makes you unique.

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Like most organisations with a successful product and tonnes of enquiries, you've tried live chat. This helped for a little while, but now you're facing the inevitable challenge: scaling.

Customer satisfaction

We now live in an on-demand society. Customers expect immediate support. Providing this at scale, without losing your brand's unique voice, is becoming increasingly challenging.

Hit KPIs with a customer service chatbot

A customer service chatbot can handle between 40 and 80% of all your inbound enquiries and live on any digital channel. Enable your team to scale indefinitely, through the use of modern technology.
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Empower your team with time & knowledge

Your customer service chatbot gives your team their time back. Any enquiries escalated to the humans contains more accurate and valuable information about the ticket they need to solve. Either the chatbot resolves things itself, or it enables your staff to get things done quicker.
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Key features & benefits

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Working with Google and Archant

In January 2017, Google partnered with Archant and ubisend to turn over 150 years of newspaper archives into a conversational chatbot.

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"ubisend has has been with us every step of the way on this journey, expertly turning our customer service chatbot idea into reality."

Catherine Mendham, project manager at Content Consultants