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Any software, APIs, services, data, languages, channels and NLP

When we say ubisend can integrate with anything, we really mean it. Here are a few (well, a lot) of things we, and our customers, have already integrated with.
Appointment Booking
Bookmark Managers
Contact Management
All in Contact Management >
Customer Appreciation
All in Customer Appreciation >
Customer Relationship Management
All in Customer Relationship Management >
Customer Support
All in Customer Support >
Dashboards & Metrics
All in Databases >
Developer Tools
All in Developer Tools >
Digital Signatures
All in eCommerce >
Email Automation
All in Email Automation >
Event Management
File Storage
All in File Storage >
Fitness & Activity
Forms & Surveys
All in Forms & Surveys >
Fundraising & Donating
Gaming Services
HRM Software
All in HRM Software >
Internet of Things
Marketing Automation
All in Marketing Automation >
News & Lifestyle
Note Taking
All in Note Taking >
Notification Services
All in Notification Services >
Online Training
Payment Processing
All in Payment Processing >
Product Management
Project Management
All in Project Management >
Proposal & Invoice Management
All in Proposal & Invoice Management >
Server Monitoring
SMS & Phone
All in SMS & Phone >
Social Media
All in Social Media >
Social Media Marketing
All in Social Media Marketing >
All in Spreadsheets >
Task Management
Team Communication
All in Team Communication >
Time Tracking
All in Time Tracking >
Transactional Email
All in Transactional Email >
All in Transcription >
URL Shortener
Video & Audio
All in Video & Audio >
Video Conferencing
Website Platforms
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