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Small talk

Delight Users with Smart Small Talk

Amuse, entertain and occasionally surprise users with pre-built small talk responses. ubisend's powerful NLP engine ensures your chatbot can engage in a variety of chit-chat. Personalise or turn off small talk at will.

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ubisend four dots Customise your chatbot's small talk

Customise your chatbot's small talk

Match your chatbot's small talk with your brand.

Tailor every small talk response to your specific requirements. How will your chatbot respond to 'hi', 'how are you?', 'what do you do for a living?'? Up to you!

Adapt the copy or create multiple variants of the same response to keep things fresh for return users. Your chatbot could be 'happy to be working' one day and 'excited for my shift to end' the next.

Reply to small talk with any message type, from text to video, GIFs, and more. 

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Stay focussed and turn small talk off

Keep your chatbot on target.

Small talk, albeit funny, can be distracting to users. Chatbots are not made to respond to meaningless messages and have friendly chats. They're made to take users from point A to point B, as efficiently as possible.

With ubisend, make small talk a thing of the past by simply turning it off. Once turned off, your chatbot will no longer respond to chit-chat -- focussing instead of its task.

Whether you like small talk or not, it's your decision to have it on.

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ubisend four dots Stay focussed and turn small talk off