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Create an Immersive Chatbot Experience

Dazzle users with beautifully designed full page chatbots. Answer questions, provide information and amuse user without them getting distracted by other on-page elements.

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Ensure high engagement

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ubisend four dots Boost engagement with an immersive experience

Boost engagement with an immersive experience

Keep engagement levels high and drop-offs low.

Guide users through custom journeys with no worry they'll get distracted. The immersive experience captivates attention and ensures your users reach the desired goal.

Breathe new life into a wide range of media. From product photos to videos and songs, your full page chatbot will ensure your content stands out from the competition.

Support users with a go-to knowledge source. ubisend's full page chatbots are known for becoming a user's go-to when they need help. It's all of your company information in a single, easy-to-use window.

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Design your full page chatbot

Customised by you, not an army of developers.

Simply copy-paste a single line of pre-generated code to create your full page chatbot. There's not too much more to say, it really is that easy.

Keep your chatbot on-brand with a broad range of chatbot design options. 

Create a smooth, beautiful, and engaging chatbot experience that matches your brand. Full page chatbots are self-hosted.

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