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Take Payments Through Conversations

Accept payments and capture more revenue through your chatbot. Keep the user engaged until they convert, and process it all in a simple conversation.

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ubisend four dots Hosted payment, inside conversations

Hosted payment, inside conversations

Keep your customers engaged.

Thanks to ubisend's hosted payment message, your chatbot can take payments at any point during a conversation.

No need to send your customers to a link or give them complex instructions. Customers simply tap the message, enter their card details, and complete payment without ever leaving the conversation.

For the safety of your customers' personal details, ubisend do not process any payment information, relying instead on hosting payment cards from the providers listed above.

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Customisable payment experiences

Design your own purchase experience.

Use the flexibility of the ubisend platform to create custom conversation flows leading up to the payment process. Create additional experiences to take customers through as their payments are accepted or rejected.

Bring up payments as a simple response to an FAQ or as part of a more complex interaction.

Let all your customers enjoy the benefits of paying through your chatbot. Our payment providers support over 135 currencies.

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ubisend four dots Customisable payment experiences