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ubisend partners

Deliver Chatbots to be Proud of

You see an opportunity in the growing demand for chatbots. We have the perfect platform to help you deliver. Explore our partner programmes and start driving value today.

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Partner with ubisend


Introduce your clients or leads to our team of experts.

Accepting applicants

  • Free
  • Simple lead handover
  • 20% commission
  • Uncapped commissions
  • Built for volume


Leverage the best chatbot platform to deliver solutions.

Accepting applicants

  • Free
  • One demo account
  • 10% commission
  • Uncapped commissions
  • 100% mplementation revenue
  • Expert sales access
  • Expert tech access

White label

Your very own chatbot platform, under your brand.

Accepting applicants

  • Monthly white label fee
  • Fully white label platform
  • Custom domain
  • Unlimited demo accounts
  • Bespoke pricing structure
  • White label collaterals
  • Partnership manager
  • Priority support
  • Priority training

Why partners choose ubisend

A chatbot platform that matches (and rewards) your creativity

According to our research, 53% of marketing agencies plan on adding chatbots to their list of services.
ubisend's chatbot partner programme is for those agencies looking to creatively solve their customers' challenges with conversational software.
With our platform, you won't find templates (that everyone else uses uniformly). You won't find set-in-stone conversational flows (that don't quite match your customers' need). You won't stumble upon immutable features (that hinder your creativity and put a ceiling on your revenue).
Instead, you will find all the tools you need to create the unique, amazing, and rewarding chatbot experiences your customers crave.
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ubisend creative chatbot platform
ubisend partner-first chatbot platform

The only partner-first chatbot platform, built to help you succeed

Not too long ago, we were a creative AI agency. We built every chatbot from scratch because we knew nothing available out there would be good enough to help us deliver what our customers deserved.
In many ways, we were our own first partners. Every corner of our platform (and commercial model) was designed for partnerships from day one.
To most chatbot platforms, partnerships are an after-thought. It is a stab in the dark, an attempt at potentially driving a little more revenue.
At ubisend, partners are our core mission.
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An unparalleled support infrastructure for all our chatbot partners

The chatbot industry is a new, wide, and exciting world filled with opportunities.
Whether you are taking your first steps into this world or are a seasoned veteran, our team of experts is on call to help you any way they can.
The ubisend platform is powerful. It boasts unique features that, once mastered, allow our partners to shine. Our partner success team's mission is to get you there.
When you ask us 'Can I use ubisend to build X?', we inevitably say 'Yes, and this is how you could do it.'
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ubisend partner support options

Explore our chatbot partner programmes

White label
The world's best chatbot platform, under your brand

The world-renowned ubisend white label programme gives you the opportunity to capitalise on the chatbot market under your own brand.

As a white label partner, for a small monthly fee, you enjoy these perks:

  • White label chatbot suite (theme, logo, domains, etc.)
  • Training sessions. To help you master your new platform.
  • White label technical support. We handle it all.
  • Control over your prices. We don't take a cut.
  • White label marketing collateral. We create it all for you.
  • Priority support and access to our team of experts.

And more.

We've worked hard and built a very successful business using our platform. Now, you can join us.

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Strategic partners to build and deliver solutions

Designed for agencies and chatbot providers, the implementer programme provides new revenue opportunities.

Offer chatbots to your clients as a managed service on the ubisend platform, where you build, implement, and monitor the chatbot on their behalf.

As an implementer, you enjoy these perks:

  • Control over your implementation costs. Whatever you charge your clients, we do not take a cut. Ever.
  • Healthy referral fee on ACV.
  • Access to a team of experts to guide and join your pitches and demos.
  • Access to our development team in case your client's demands exceed your capabilities.

And more.

Leverage the power of our technology to deliver the solutions your clients demand.

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Performance-based rewards from generating leads

Generate revenue from referring leads to our ever-growing sales team.

Affiliate partners follow a simple process to hand over decision-makers and key contacts; our team does the rest.

As an affiliate, you enjoy these perks:

  • Uncapped commissions. No one will stop you.
  • Healthy rebate on ACV.
  • Access to a team of experts to guide your solution pitches.

And more.

It's the most straightforward way to capitalise on the chatbot opportunity.

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All our partners enjoy these perks

jim rowe-bot ubisend partner

Switching to ubisend to Create Higher-end Chatbots

Jim Rowe-bot are a UK-based chatbot and conversational software company, implementing incredible solutions with the ubisend platform.

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"I’ve tested at least 30 different chatbot development platforms. ubisend was the only platform that fulfilled all my clients’ needs."

Jim, director at Jim Rowe-bot