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Any Data. In or Out of your Chatbot.

Connect your chatbot with any third-party software. Make your chatbot the most useful, efficient, and connected asset at your company. Our API toolkit is powerful and tech-agnostic.

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ubisend four dots Easy, conversational access to data

Easy, conversational access to data

Make data talk. 

A chatbot is a powerful tool on its own. Connect it to the right data sources and you have an unstoppable force of efficiency. 

The ubisend platform provides a one-of-a-kind API toolkit to turn data into conversations. Use integrations to:

  • ✓ Enrich and personalise conversations by pulling data from existing sources (e.g. pulling a chatbot user's name from a CRM or HRMS).
  • ✓ Progress chatbot users through the right journey by making logical API calls (e.g. verifying a payment has been made before progressing the user to a thank you message).
  • ✓ Export data into a software of your choice (e.g. creating a lead into a CRM, logging a time-off request, etc.).

Retain full control over the integrations you want to make. Configure the exact connections you need, nothing more. Set up the endpoints that suit your specific use case, nothing less.

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Powerful, flexible, and tech-agnostic

If it has an API, you can connect to it. 

The API toolkit is tech-agnostic, making it the most powerful way to integrate your chatbot with existing data sources. Create a connection between any CRM, CMS, databases, or proprietary software and your chatbot. 

The ubisend platform supports all popular API types and authorization methods:

  • ✓ REST and SOAP
  • ✓ API key
  • ✓ Basic auth
  • ✓ Bearer token
  • ✓ No auth

Integrate any software, send data in or out, and make your chatbot the most powerful and efficient asset at your company.

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ubisend four dots Powerful, flexible, and tech-agnostic