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Discover the AI technology that's changing the world, making businesses faster, better, stronger with conversations.

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Do faster, better and more intelligent business

Welcome to a world where complex artificial intelligence, machine learning, and conversational software can change your business for the better.

Chatbots use natural language processing and machine learning technology to turn complex business interactions into simple conversations.

What will your chatbot do?

What is a chatbot?

It's all about the conversation.

A chatbot is a piece of software, usually powered by artificial intelligence, with which humans can interact. They are sometimes called virtual assistants, chatbox, or even chatterbox.

We like chatbot -- it just sounds nicer.

Chatbots can converse with us humans through both text and voice. You may, for instance, have interacted with Amazon's voice Alexa chatbot.

Who is using this technology?

Though chatbots are relatively old technology, it's only more recently that businesses have started putting them to effective use.

Companies like Trip Advisor, PG tips, or Disney use chatbots as a brand and marketing play.

Companies like Google, Mattel, and Victoria Secret use chatbots to innovate in their field.

Companies like Burberry, Staples, and Macy's use chatbots as a customer service tool.

And many more!

Artificial intelligence and chatbots

Most chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence, or AI.

AI chatbots tend to be more useful, purely because they are smarter and can learn over time. This is, of course, valuable to businesses.

Artificial intelligence in chatbots comes in many forms. The most common are natural language processing (NLP) which powers the language side of the chatbot, to machine learning (ML) which powers data and algorithms.

Chatbot use cases

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