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Put your Best Agent on the Case

Increase agent efficiency with smart ticket routing. Send support tickets to the most qualified agent on your team.

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ubisend four dots Smart routing beyond round-robin

Smart routing beyond round-robin

Let your agents play to their strengths.

Every agent you bring into the ubisend platform has a role to play in your support workflow.

Capture their roles using custom tags. As tickets flow in, they are automatically tagged and routed to the best person for the job.

Streamline your support process and save time with smart routing.

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Create bespoke routing rules

Far beyond a simple ticketing system.

With ubisend, you have access to a powerful, AI-driven, fully customisable automation and chatbot tool.

Use the process mapping tool to create bespoke routing rules and improve efficiencies. Adapt and improve your process over time by tweaking your automated conversations.

Leverage the flexibility of the platform to create the precise support experience you need -- nothing less.

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ubisend four dots Create bespoke routing rules