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Falling back to human

Create Foolproof Chatbot Experiences

Create a seamless chat experience, even when humans need to take over. Force your chatbot to step aside and let your staff swoop in during high-value interactions, failed conversations, or when your users simply need help.

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ubisend four dots Let humans do what they do best

Let humans do what they do best

Let your staff's expertise shine through when they are needed.

With ubisend's human fallback feature, you ensure every interaction with your chatbot is designed to take the user to success; even when that means getting a human involved.

Design your chatbot to do more than 'just' fallback when it fails to understand. Create smart human handoffs at key conversational points or when users bring up high-value or sensitive topics.

Leverage ubisend's advanced features to offer users the help they need, with smooth and seamless transitions to human staff.

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Design a human fallback process that suits you

Make the most of your staff's availability by choosing one or combining several built-in fallback options:

  • ✓ Live chat
  • ✓ Emails
  • ✓ Tickets

Design the perfect fallback stack to ensure your chatbot users are never left hanging, without an answer or a way out.

Is your staff already trained in using external live chat or ticketing tools? Integrate them in the platform, for maximum efficiency and minimum disruption to their workflows.

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ubisend four dots Design a human fallback process that suits you