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Web importing

Feed your Chatbot Content in Seconds

Teach your chatbot everything it needs to know about your web content. Thanks to the sitemap import, you can expand your chatbot's knowledge in a few simple clicks.

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ubisend four dots One-click content import via sitemaps

One-click content import via sitemaps

Expand your chatbot's knowledge in a few clicks.

Your website is chockfull of valuable information. Make it all available inside your chatbot with a simple sitemap import.

Connect your chatbot with one or several sitemaps and start feeding its knowledge. Use the imported content to create FAQs, pull long-form text, or point the users in the right direction.

Keep the content up-to-date by scheduling frequent crawls. On a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, your chatbot will import the latest versions of your content, automatically updating its knowledge base.

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Deliver beautiful long-form content

Display web content inside your chatbot.

Keep your users engaged as they navigate through their conversation. Instead of sending them to an external link, which might produce drop-offs and abandonment, surface entire web pages right through the chatbot.

The web import feature strips every page of its unnecessary assets, ensuring a smooth long-form content experience.

Set up a recurring sitemap crawl to ensure every page displayed is always up-to-date.

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ubisend four dots Deliver beautiful long-form content