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Triggers & transitions

Create Precise Conversational Experiences

Control your automation to most granular level with triggers and transition events. Our thousands of customisable events help you create the exact chatbot experiences you need, for every user, no matter how complex.

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ubisend four dots Create unique and relevant conversations

Create unique and relevant conversations

Make the most of every chatbot conversation.

Choose from thousands of pre-built events to trigger the right conversation to the right user at the right time.

Events such as:

  • ✓ Messages
  • ✓ Page URL
  • ✓ Activity
  • ✓ Location
  • ✓ Time
  • ✓ API call
  • And many more.

Use the same events to move users through the conversation they need. With every transition from one message to the next, keep granular control over the experience.

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Control the efficiency of every experience

Chatbots are often about automating the same, specific, never-changing processes. You can automate any process that repeats itself more than once with a chatbot.

At ubisend, we take this one step further.

To maximise efficiency, you need complete control over every single conversational step. That is the only way to create automated processes that thrive, even when they are neither simple nor linear.

Combine our process mapping tool and custom events to create efficient chatbots.

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ubisend four dots Control the efficiency of every experience