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Conversation builder

Save Time with Automated Conversations

Automate repetitive and mundane processes into conversations. Our flexible process mapping tool makes it easy to match your current processes step-by-step, without compromise.

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ubisend four dots Turn processes into simple conversations

Turn processes into simple conversations

Processes are made to be automated.

With ubisend's process mapping tool, create automated conversations that take care of the repetitive.

  • 1,000s of events
  • ✓ Unlimited conversations
  • ✓ Unlimited steps
  • ✓ Ultimate flexibility

Conversations are the simplest way to capture information and execute even the most complex business processes. Thanks to our no-code conversation builder, everyone can work together to bring automation to life.

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Match, don't adapt, with our flexible builder

Our flexible conversation builder allows you to (re)create your processes precisely the way you want them. No need to adapt existing processes, spend months on training, or even change your tech stack.

The integration feature allows you to connect your chatbot to any external system, preventing the costly trap of building a siloed chatbot. Instead, your chatbot perfectly fits with your existing processes.

Whether you are creating simple or complex conversations, the collaboration tools allow you to bring key stakeholders to look over your work. Test your automation in the demo environment for a final review before releasing your chatbot.

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ubisend four dots Match, don't adapt, with our flexible builder