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Technology to Drive Revenue

Chatbots engage and recommend relevant products, up- and cross-selling across all digital channels, at scale, 24/7.
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Leave no opportunity behind

Generate more pipeline, close more sales, grow the bottom line; all reasonable expectations from a sales department. Learn how chatbot technology helps sales acheive these goals, at scale.

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Growing targets

The sales department has one objective: generate more revenue. Growing targets put pressure to scale operations while budgets never match expectations.

Missed opportunities

Sales opportunities are everywhere, scattered across the website and digital channels, in current enquiries, and even at the final stages of the funnel. Most sales departments struggle to capitalise on all opportunities at once.

Nudge leads along the funnel

For most of their journey, your leads are left to fend for themselves, browsing your website and social for information. Don't leave things to chance. A sales chatbot can assist leads every step of the way, answering questions and nudging them down the funnel.
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Up- and cross-sell at scale

Missed opportunities lie within the journeys your leads are already going through. Powered by a smart recommendation engine, a sales chatbot up- and cross-sells relevant products, increasing your average revenue per customer at no extra acquisition cost.
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Key features & benefits

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Latest Insights


Working with Google and Archant

In January 2017, Google partnered with Archant and ubisend to turn over 150 years of newspaper archives into a conversational chatbot.

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"ubisend's chatbot technology has done wonders to our bottom line. Our sales chatbot is not just another sales tool. It has a real presence, an in-depth knowledge of our complex sales process, and a positive impact on our customers."

Jamie Buchanan, CTO at Autorama Group