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Conversational AI for Sales Teams

Lead generation, nurturing, sales; see how top sales organisations use ubisend to create chatbots that grow their bottom line.
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Easily integrate your chatbot with the sales software you already use and love.
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Fill up the pipeline with automated lead generation

Create an endless stream of qualified leads.
As your chatbot sits on your website (or any messaging channel) and engages all day, it automatically qualifies leads before handing them over to your team.
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ubisend lead generation automation
ubisend automated sales chatbot

Close more sales without lifting a finger

Generate round-the-clock revenue with automated chatbot conversations.
Take chatbot conversations to their logical end. Provide excellent personalised customer experiences, take payments, and close sales -- all automated through your chatbot.
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Get unique insights into your audience with chatbot analytics

Understand your buyers' wants, needs, and requirements through a wide range of chatbot data.
Create custom metrics, build your own dashboard, dive deep into user experiences, and more. Uncover the best ways to grow your revenue.
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Sales teams use ubisend for:

ubisend platform uses for sales

A chatbot and automation platform made to help you sell

Simple, predictable, fixed

Build all the chatbots, automation and conversational AI you need - without limits.

ubisend core

Conversational AI, chatbot, automation, live chat, and ticketing in one amazing platform.

  • No-code conversation builder & process mapping
  • API toolkit to integrate any third-party software
  • NLP, semantic search, FAQ and knowledge bases
  • Metrics tracking and dashboard customisation
  • 30+ messaging channels (including 3 web-based)
  • Secure infrastructure and granular team management
  • Unlimited access up to 300,000 monthly users
  • Completely no-code, accessible by anyone
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ubisend plus

The enterprise conversational AI framework.

  • + All ubisend core features
  • + Managed infrastructure
  • + Single sign-on
  • + Granular backups
  • + Priority training
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jim rowe-bot ubisend partner

Switching to ubisend to Create Higher-end Chatbots

Jim Rowe-bot are a UK-based chatbot and conversational software company, implementing incredible solutions with the ubisend platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a chatbot without dedicated programmers/developers?

Yes, ubisend is no-code from top to bottom. You can create conversations, start generating leads and analyse results without writing a single line of code.

Can my chatbot integrate with my sales tech stack?

Yes, ubisend’s API toolkit can connect to any third-party software. Our tech team are always more than happy to assist with any integrations.

How is ubisend different from other chatbot platforms, like Drift?

ubisend differs in three main ways. Firstly, ubisend is a conversational workflow automation platform. This enables you to automate lead interactions while streamlining internal challenges, such as admin.

Secondly, ubisend provides a fixed and predictable monthly cost, other platform’s pay-as-you-go models punish you for being successful.

Thirdly, ubisend is used by businesses to solve all of their automation needs. HR, sales, and customer service solutions can all be created and managed from a central location. ubisend is your single tool for years to come.

Can I create automated conversations based on a visitor's behaviour or the page they're on?

Yes, ubisend supports a wide range of personalisation options. There are 100s of conversation trigger to use to create contextual conversations. Some of them are: based on location, based on language, targeted to page URLs, time of the day, and more.

Can I deploy chatbots on Facebook Messenger or my custom-built app?

Yes, ubisend supports over 30 different channels, including leading social media sites, websites, and custom-developed technologies such as apps.

Do I have to pay per lead generated or message sent?

No, ubisend operates with a fixed, predictable monthly pricing plan. When your lead generation skyrockets, there won’t be any hidden costs showing up at your door. See our pricing page for more information.

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