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Create Powerful, Accessible Chatbots

Create chatbots safe in the knowledge that they adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), ensuring an enjoyable experience for every user.

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ubisend four dots Create experiences that speak to everyone

Create experiences that speak to everyone

Craft open, accessible, and interactive conversations. 

From enabling mouse-free computer interactions to adhering to colour blindness guidelines, we’ve taken all the necessary steps to ensure your chatbot conversations speak to every user, no matter their circumstances. 

Additionally, ubisend supports an incredible range of message types, ensuring you always have the best possible medium to convey information. Create chatbots for everyone.

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Accessible from the word go

Build with freedom.

Every single feature within ubisend adheres to the WCAG, letting you create innovative experiences without having to stop and check for compliance. 

Looking at implementing a powerful feature or new conversation? There’s no action required on your part, simply create your chatbot and press save - we’ve taken care of the details. 

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ubisend four dots Accessible from the word go