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Pull Spreadsheet Data into your Chatbot

Transform lifeless, unaccessible spreadsheets into powerful conversations. Import and leverage data from spreadsheets directly into your chatbot.

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ubisend four dots Unlock valuable data from spreadsheets

Unlock valuable data from spreadsheets

There is gold hidden away in static spreadsheets.

ubisend securely pulls this otherwise locked data from your spreadsheet and stores it into the cloud. Once the data has been pulled, you can easily use it inside your chatbot.

With a simple lookup, your chatbot can pull and surface the appropriate data at any point during a conversation.

Do you manage your inventory, staffing, or any other business operation with spreadsheets? It shouldn't keep you from releasing a useful and efficient chatbot.

Import your inventory spreadsheet and let your chatbot adapt its answers based on pulled data.

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Bypass the need for complex integrations

Full-on integrations are not always the way.

While ubisend's API toolkit is powerful, it is only useful if there is a third-party application to connect to. Your organisation may not need a CRM, a CMS, or an actual database.

You operate just fine with spreadsheets. And so should your chatbot.

The spreadsheet importer allows you to bypass the need for extra software and complex integrations. In a few clicks, simply import your spreadsheet, create your conversations, and voila.

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ubisend four dots Bypass the need for complex integrations