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BabyCenter's AI beats industry standard email* by 1,428%

BabyCenter, one of the world leading brands for new and expecting parents, came to us with a goal: increase the engagement of users at a specified stage of parenting.

Thanks to our custom chatbot, BabyCenter was able to target and engage that user segment and achieve the following:

  • 84% average read rate
  • 53% average click rate on all sent messages
  • Beat email industry standard* click rate by 1,428%

How we did it

BabyCenter has a long, successful history of delivering educational emails to new and expecting parents. Although it works well, they realised a mobile messaging chatbot could increase engagement with a younger audience.

We developed a Facebook Messenger chatbot that interacts with new parents and educates them with on-demand and perfectly timed content direct to their mobile phone.

This Babycenter chatbot improved engagement, received amazing customer feedback, and helped to increase revenue from the specified segment.

* email industry rates source

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We integrated mobile messaging to send out weekly offers to our 100,000 user database. With a 47% click rate, it worked wonders.