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Build your Support Dream Team

Bring in the experts. Create a unique profile for every support agent. Tag their specialities to automatically assign tickets they're uniquely qualified to answer.

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ubisend four dots Faster and smarter support

Faster and smarter support

Get straight to helping your users with smart ticket routing. 

Assign every support agent a custom tag depending on their specialism. Relevant tickets are then automatically routed to them.

To maximise efficiencies, agents set their working hours. Don't let your valued users hanging for a response.

Scale your team in or out as required. Add or remove agents from the platform in just a few clicks.

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Manage and monitor your entire team

Create an efficient network of agents.

Monitor your team's performance with metrics like total tickets resolved, average resolution time, user feedback, and more.

Dig deeper into an agent's individual performance to spot opportunities for improvement. View their complete ticket history from a central location.

Agents are assigned a unique role, only giving them access to relevant platform features. Ready to give one of your agents more responsibilities? Customise that specific agent's platform permissions without impacting the rest of the team.

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ubisend four dots Manage and monitor your entire team