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Conversational AI for HR Teams

Shared services, recruitment, employee onboarding, and complex admin; see how HR departments use ubisend to create HR chatbots that automate processes and ramp up efficiency.
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Easily integrate your chatbot with the HR software you already use and love.

Provide an automated and conversational employee helpdesk

Automate the low-value activities so you can focus on what really matters.
Most employee enquiries are simple, repetitive, and mundane. Let your HR chatbot answer them effortlessly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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ubisend automate employee FAQs
ubisend automate employee workflows

Automate and streamline employee workflows

Turn employee workflows into simple and automated conversations.
ubisend's uniquely flexible conversation builder allows you to create the exact automated processes you need.
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Create a modern employee support experience

Beyond automation, provide your workforce with the support experience they have come to expect.
From built-in live chat and ticketing system, to importing comprehensive knowledge bases and sharing documents; your chatbot is the central hub for the employee experience.
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ubisend HR employee support

HR teams use ubisend for:

ubisend platform uses for hr

A chatbot and automation platform tailored to HR's priorities

Simple, predictable, fixed

Build all the chatbots and automation you need - without limit.

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All the chatbot, automation, live chat, and ticketing you need; wrapped in one amazing platform.

  • No-code conversation builder and process mapping
  • API toolkit to integrate any third-party software
  • Built-in NLP, FAQ automation, and knowledge bases
  • Metrics tracking and dashboard customisation
  • 30+ messaging channels (including 3 web-based)
  • Secure infrastructure and granular team management
  • Unlimited access up to 300,000 monthly users
  • Completely no-code, accessible by anyone
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Free partner programme

Join the ubisend partner network and start delivering world-class chatbots.

  • + Flexible partner plans
  • + Uncapped earning opportunities
  • + Direct access to our team
  • + Priority training (incl. marketing, sales, and development)
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Switching to ubisend to Create Higher-end Chatbots

Jim Rowe-bot are a UK-based chatbot and conversational software company, implementing incredible solutions with the ubisend platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a chatbot without dedicated programmers/developers?

Yes, ubisend is a no-code chatbot and automation platform. You can craft conversational processes, automate FAQs, share employee handbooks, and more without seeing a single line of code.

Can my chatbot integrate with my HRMS and other tools?

Yes, ubisend’s API toolkit can connect to any third-party software. Our tech team are always more than happy to assist with any integrations.

How is ubisend different from other chatbot platforms, like eightfold or Leena?

ubisend differs in three main ways. Firstly, ubisend is a conversational workflow automation platform. This means you can create chatbots and automate internal tasks such as admin. eightfold is limited to recruitment use cases only.

Secondly, ubisend provides a fixed and predictable monthly cost, other platform’s pay-as-you-go models can quickly become expensive.

Thirdly, ubisend is used by businesses to solve all of their automation needs. HR, sales, and customer service solutions can all be created and managed from a central location. ubisend is your single tool for years to come.

Can we hire ubisend to build our chatbot for us?

Yes. Our team has a proven track record in building valuable and challenge-solving HR chatbots. And, of course, we know our platform inside out. Whether you would like us to build your solution from end-to-end or help you with key aspects of it, we're here to help.

What languages does ubisend support?

With ubisend, you can launch solutions in over 60 languages, including French, Italian, German, Dutch, and Spanish. Activating a new language only takes one click. You can decide to create one solution per language or bundle all your required languages into one.

We have a large library of employee resources, will we have to re-create them for use in chatbot conversations?

No, ubisend supports a range of rich media for use in chatbot conversations. Your chatbot can share images, PDFs, videos, and more. On top of this, you can import existing documents and web pages directly into the platform to feed your chatbot's knowledge.

Do I have to pay per team member or messages?

No, ubisend operates with a fixed, predictable monthly pricing plan. Make use of unlimited access with up to 300,000 monthly users. See pricing for more information.

How secure is the data passed through ubisend chatbots?

We understand the importance of data security and ensure all data passed through the platform is encrypted during transit and at rest. ubisend is ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified. On top of this, you have complete control over your data retention period, can export or delete all chatbot data in a single click, and can restrict access to every element of the platform. Read more about our security measures.

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