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Message types

Create Rich and Intuitive Conversations

Increase engagement and improve the user experience with beautiful, intuitive messages. Create powerful conversations with images, videos, buttons, date pickers, and much more.

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ubisend four dots Engage users with more than plain text

Engage users with more than plain text

There is more to chatbots than boring old plain text messages.

Create more engaging and intuitive chatbot experiences by leveraging a growing library of rich message types.

  • ✓ Carousels
  • ✓ Buttons
  • ✓ Images and videos
  • ✓ Long form
  • And more...

Rich messages help your users navigate conversations and get to their destination through an enjoyable, personal chat interaction. Additionally, thanks to ubisend's accessibility, all message types adhere to WCAG guidelines. 

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Design conversations users will love

Rich message types simplify communications between users and your chatbot.

A button helps users quickly move to the next step of the conversation. An image displays relevant information without overwhelming the chat bubbles. Payment message types allow customers to complete a purchase without distraction.

Optimise every chatbot interaction for efficiency and engagement with rich messages.

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ubisend four dots Design conversations users will love