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Customise your Analytics

Get a unique understanding of your user base. With ubisend's industry-defining chatbot dashboard, monitor analytics and draw impactful business insights.

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ubisend four dots Create bespoke chatbot dashboards

Create bespoke chatbot dashboards

See what matters most.

Drag and drop different metrics in and out of your dashboard as your priorities change. The flexible and customisable dashboard ensures you only see what you want to see.

We are well aware it would be impossible for us to predict every metric you might need. Thankfully, we don't have to. Create and track custom metrics, drop them into your dashboard in a few clicks, and watch as your chatbot's performance unfolds.

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Understand data without needing an analyst

Easy to analyse without sacrificing depth.

Share insights with your team in seconds. Every metric is clearly displayed and explained. Data is the driving force of modern business, we've just made it easier.

To get you started, ubisend's team of experts have created over 40 default metrics to use out of the gate. 

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ubisend four dots Understand data without needing an analyst