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Guide the User Experience with Composers

Help your chatbot users navigate through conversations with handy tooltips. Use custom or pre-built composers to improve the user experience and drive them to success.

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ubisend four dots Power up your chatbot experience

Power up your chatbot experience

Guide chatbot users to success.

Composers, the area you click and start typing into, tend to be plain, boring, and unified. "Type your answer here...", not incredibly helpful.

With the ubisend platform, you can do much better.

Use our pre-built composers to help your users along their chatbot journey. Out-of-the-box, use composers like:

  • Loading: to inform the user that a message is loading.
  • Date & time: to let the users pick a date & time from a beautiful widget.
  • Deactivated: to completely remove the composer, forcing users to click buttons instead.

And much more.

Optimise every conversation, every message, for success with pre-built composers.

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Create your own, bespoke composers

Take matters into your own hands.

You know your audience better than anyone. You are in complete control over the chatbot experience you build for them. You know exactly what you're expecting from your users, every step of the way.

This control should reflect in composers, as well.

Guide your users through your conversation with bespoke composers. Let them know what you expect of them and improve their experience in the process.

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ubisend four dots Create your own, bespoke composers