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Send a Message to Every User

Send a message to every user of your chatbot, either immediately or scheduled for a later date. Include products, videos, images, or even songs in broadcast messages to your user base. Great for flash sales, alerts and change management nudges.

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ubisend four dots Generate immediate interest

Generate immediate interest

Ensure your key events are heard.

Broadcast a message to every current chatbot user. Share flash sales, product updates, company news, and more.

You can send broadcasts immediately or schedule them for later dates. The comprehensive broadcast management area makes updating copy, changing dates and deleting broadcasts simple.

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Send unique and engaging content

Every option you'd ever need.

Dazzle your users with unique content that matches your brand. Broadcasts can include a range of rich media content and message types, such as videos, images, and even songs.

Include products, diary invites and downloadable items to keep your users in the loop with your brand's recent developments. Broadcasts are a great tool to boost engagement and build a loyal user base.  

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ubisend four dots Send unique and engaging content