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Live chat

Be only a Click Away

Be there for your users when they need you most with built-in live chat. You can create tickets from interactions and save transcripts for training and reference.

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ubisend four dots Centralise all your chat efforts

Centralise all your chat efforts

Utilise ubisend's built-in live chat for a smooth user experience.

Trigger live chat based on a wide range of criteria unique to your business. You can enable users to trigger live chat themselves, set it to automatically trigger during certain conversations or combine both.

Create tickets based off live chat conversations to be followed up by the wider team. Assign tickets to specific agents, mark as resolved or completed, everything you'd expect and ever need to be able to do.

Remain GDPR compliant with ease. You can specify how long transcripts and information are stored and restrict access to it. Of course, any stored information can be deleted in seconds.

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Gather insights, track performance and make a difference

Empower your live chat services with ubisend's flexible features.

Build clearer user personas through live chat transcripts. ubisend provides a record of each live chat transcript so you can monitor and draw insights. 

Use live chat transcripts as a training tool to help boost agent performance. You can dive deep into specific conversations or view groups of conversations at a glance, making team building easier than ever.

Utilise ubisend's customisable dashboard to track the live chat KPIs that matter to you. 

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ubisend four dots Gather insights, track performance and make a difference