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Custom metrics

Track What Matters to You

Create and track custom metrics. Whatever your niche or use case, measure and report on the KPIs that matter to your business.

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ubisend four dots Track your performance

Track your performance

Track the metrics that matter to you.

Create custom metrics from the ground up. Name them, strategically tie them to specific conversations, and represent them in your dashboard. It's that simple.

Got the data fever? Don't worry. Much like everything else in the ubisend platform, metrics are unlimited. Create as many as you need to satisfy your business requirements.

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Keep your reporting actionable

It's all about relevancy.

Tracking the right metrics is not enough. If they're locked away in a separate, out-of-context part of the platform, they're no use.

Along with metrics, the ubisend platform gives you complete control over your chatbot's dashboard.

Organise all metrics, custom and default, into an actionable and relevant dashboard.

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ubisend four dots Keep your reporting actionable