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Validation rules

Catch User Errors Early

Minimise formatting errors with real-time feedback as users respond to your chatbot. If a user inputs unexpected information, your chatbot provides helpful messages to nudge them in the right direction.

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ubisend four dots Design your own validation rules

Design your own validation rules

Create a flawless conversational experience.

As you design each node, each step, each message between your chatbot and its users, create associated validation rules to ensure the conversation captures the right information.

The ubisend platform gives you complete flexiblity to create your own validation rules; from simple email address validation to complex combinatory events.

By validating user input in real-time, you minimise the risks of errors down the line.

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Nudge users in the right direction

Validation is more than 'computer says no'.

Along with providing real-time error feedback to user, create helpful chatbot responses to re-align the conversation.

Your chatbot expects an email address from its user? Let them know with a clear, direct feedback response. Each validation rule can have its own customised message, for maximum efficiency.

Don't leave your users in the dark. Let them know exactly what information is expected of them and in which format.

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ubisend four dots Nudge users in the right direction