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Process automation

Unleash Efficiency with RPA

Turn manual processes into automated workflows with ubisend. Replicate your process inside our RPA builder to save time, boost productivity, and focus on efficiency.

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ubisend four dots Automate any workflow in a few clicks

Automate any workflow in a few clicks

Save time by automating your processes.

With ubisend's robotic process automation builder, turn any internal process into an automated workflow. 

Your RPA works 24/7 without a break, completing tasks over and over again without fail, mistake, or toilet break.

Thanks to our enterprise-grade builder, no process is too long or too complex for automation. Trigger workflows automatically, transition between steps using advanced logic, and integrate with any third-party software.

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Trigger workflows automatically

Create the automated workflows you need.

Use ubisend's built-in 1,000s of events and unlimited steps; build the automation that truly impacts your business' efficiency.

Trigger workflows from external systems using our webhook system. Your automation works at scale, all day, every day, without human input.

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ubisend four dots Trigger workflows automatically