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Create your Chatbot's Knowledge Base

Save precious time and resources by letting the machine do it. Train your chatbot to recognise, understand, and respond to unlimited questions.

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ubisend four dots Automate first-level support with FAQs

Automate first-level support with FAQs

Help your users help themselves.

With FAQs, your chatbot to understand tens, hundreds, of even thousands of topics; and respond to questions accordingly. Simply create a new FAQ, give your chatbot a few question examples and an answer, and let the ubisend's artificial intelligence engines do the rest.

ubisend's knowledge base structure allows you to create and host your FAQs directly into the platform. No need for an external source of content or complex imports.

As you create new FAQs, your chatbot's knowledge expands in real-time. Every new FAQ, and thousands of AI-driven variants, are immediately trained.

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Save time with smart, unlimited FAQs

It's not about exact match FAQs.

ubisend's proprietary natural language processing engines optimise every FAQ to understand subtle variants, grammar mistakes, synonyms, and more.

Let your chatbot users ask their questions in plain English (or any other language we support). Your chatbot captures every incoming message, assesses its confidence in understanding them, and responds accordingly.

To ensure your chatbot knows everything it needs to know, there are no limits in the number of FAQs you can create. Expand and train your chatbot's knowledge continuously using our internal training tools.

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ubisend four dots Save time with smart, unlimited FAQs