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Desktop & mobile

Turn your Chatbot into an App

Deploy your chatbot as a desktop or mobile app. Keep complete control over the user experience and your data by releasing your chatbot inside your own proprietary application.

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ubisend four dots Create a unique chatbot app experience

Create a unique chatbot app experience

Go beyond the usual messaging or website chatbot.

With ubisend, create and deploy your chatbot as a standalone desktop or mobile application. 

Chatbots-turned-apps are ideal to control the entire user experience. Decide the device users can use to access your chatbot, the interactions they can have, and the data your chatbot captures.

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Benefit from closed-loop applications

Keep unwanted users out of your chatbot.

By deploying your chatbot into an apps, you control who gets to access it.

Turn your internal HR chatbot into a desktop app, only accessible by employees. Create a customer service chatbot, turn it into a mobile app, and make it only available to verified customers.

By turning your chatbot into a mobile or desktop app, you create a standalone product under your complete control.

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ubisend four dots Benefit from closed-loop applications