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How much does a ubisend solution cost?

Pound-for-pound, we think a ubisend chatbot is one of the best investments you can make to improve your business.

We've found client requirements can usually be seperated into three tiers.

Prototype 0800 368 8885

Prototype chatbot solutions typically include the features below:

  • Unlimited messages
  • One or two conversations
  • Bespoke reporting dashboard
  • One document to train the chatbot
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited seats
Integrated 0800 368 8885

Integrated chatbot solutions typically include the features below:

  • Unlimited messages
  • Multiple conversations
  • One custom integration
  • One or two input and output APIs
  • Unlimited use of AI
  • Bespoke backend tools
End-to-end 0800 368 8885

End-to-end chatbot solutions typically include the features below:

  • Unlimited messages
  • Unlimited conversations
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited input and output APIs
  • Bespoke machine learning
  • Bespoke business insights

You will also be supporting a company that believes in giving back. Because we sell ubisend to businesses, we give discounts to charities and NGOs.

Common questions

  • Do you price per message?

    No, we don't price per message. We believe in conversations. Our vision is to enable easier conversations between humans and machines, at scale. We believe conversations should be as easy online as they are in real life. Pricing per message sent or received would go against that. So, all our chatbot solutions come with unlimited messages. Note: to cover our own costs, we must price per message on SMS solutions, at zero margin.

  • What is a "custom integration"?

    Chatbots offer a better experience when they are connected to other applications, services, or data. We work with you to figure out which services your chatbot needs to speak to, and build that connectivity as part of the solution. For example, your chatbot solution could connect to your internal CRM for reporting, or to your website's backend to pull visitor data, etc.

  • What is a "conversation"?

    A conversation is a single course of action your chatbot is designed for. As an example, for a recruitment chatbot, pre-qualifying candidates through a series of questions before sending the relevant applicants to the next stage would be one conversation. Or, another example, for a restaurant it may be booking a table and taking a reservation.

  • What is a "bespoke reporting dashboard"?

    We ship all our chatbot solutions with a bespoke reporting and analytics suite. Your bespoke dashboard allows you to, at a glance, monitor how your solution is performing, track and present the KPIs and metrics important to your business. It means you can easily see the evidence of the ROI and benefit of the chatbot solution.

  • What does "unlimited seats" mean?

    We develop all chatbot solutions with a reporting, analytics, human takeover and admin-y piece of software. Whether it is a simple bespoke dashboard or a full suite of tools, ubisend gives free access for as many users you need. Many software solutions charge per system user. We don't.

  • How much will a chatbot cost?

    It really is a 'how long is a peice of string' question. A good analogy is a website. An off-the-shelf wordpress website with one page will cost a few hundred pounds, but a multinational e-commerce platform with forums, payment gateways and a full sales and management backend would costs tens of thousands. Your best bet is to talk to one of our experts. they are able to narrow the price range based on your requirements.

  • Where can our chatbot live?

    We can build chatbots that are able to communicate across 29 channels. Not only that, our chatbots are capable of talking ubiquitously across channels. This means your chatbot can work on Facebook Messenger, your website, and Telegram (or any other of the 29 channels) at the same time, with a seamless experience.

  • What features can you build in a chatbot?

    We build custom chatbot solutions, so the short answer is 'any'. But we realise saying that doesn't help anyone. On our features page, we list the core features a chatbot must have to even be called a chatbot (in our humble opinion). We also list advanced features we build, features that help make a chatbot solution truly unique to our client.

  • Can I talk to someone?

    Of course. Our experts are always available for an informal chat, no strings attached. You can reach them over the phone at 0800 368 8885 or by filling out our contact form.

Top quality chatbot solution

archant ubisend customer review

ubisend are a driven and determined team of professionals who provided us with the top quality chatbot solution we needed. Their fresh and enthusiastic approach to the task leave us in no doubt that we have picked the ideal provider to work with.