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Team management

Comprehensive Roles & Permissions

Assign roles, restrict access, designate admins, and more. Maintain a firm grip on the roles and permissions of every single platform user.

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Designate roles and permissions across your team

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ubisend four dots Maintain a central level of governance

Maintain a central level of governance

Maintain granular control over platform access.

Manage roles and permissions from a central location. Assign read, write, edit, delete permissions to every single feature of the platform per user.

Update permissions as and when you require. We know the workplace can move fast, which is why you can update permissions in a few clicks.

Add and remove staff easily. Need more live chat agents? Want to show a new team member around the platform? Someone left? ubisend makes managing team members easy.

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Restrict access to data and features

Remain GDPR compliant.

Restrict access to user data. Not everyone needs to see everything, with ubisend you can manage exactly who has access to user data.

You also have further control over access to specific platform features, such as making live chat only accessible for your customer service team and senior management. Which staff can access which areas is entirely up to you.

All data and information can be deleted instantly.

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ubisend four dots Restrict access to data and features