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Basically, we build humans.

The most trainable, dependable, scalable and on-brand humans a company will ever have.

Businesses use our machine-humans to lower the burden on HR, respond to sales enquiries and deal with customer questions or complaints.

Deliver personal communication at scale, anywhere, anytime.

We've produced chatbots that deliver on-demand conversation and content, customer service and conversational commerce. From fully AI-driven personas to raw ecommerce solutions. We've got you covered.

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    Multiple channels

    Create delight across 29 channels, all from one solution. Engage customers through the channel they prefer, whether it's Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack and many more.

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    Chatbot, hybrid or human

    Fully automated, AI-driven, direct to a human or a little of both? Take over conversations at any point and deliver a multi-channel, integrated experience.

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    Use the latest technology

    What should you do with WeChat? How can you get the best conversion via Messenger? We're not just geeky developers, we have years of experience and data... and we're on your side.

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    Enterprise grade analytics

    Report and segment based on interactions, conversation and purchase history. Export and directly connect to your other CRMs for deeper analysis and reporting. We bring out your inner geek.

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    Really reliable support

    From enterprise grade SLAs to personal account managers and live customer support, we have Fortune 500 brands delivering millions of messages without missing a beat. You can expect the same level of service.

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    Engaging experiences

    We support one and two-way messaging, images, audio, voice, gifs, video or good old text. You can also add payment processing, scheduling, ads or CTAs to your messages and automate responses.

ubisend customers and chatbots


Unclog your HR helpline

Help employees help themselves with a conversational HR chatbot, answering all their questions.

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Power up your support

Give your customers the instant support they expect through a know-it-all conversational AI solution.

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Supercharge your sales

Speed up sales cycle, grow basket sizes, and increase checkout rates with the best 24/7 AI-driven sales assistant.

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A global impact for charities and NGOs

Part of ubisend’s mission is to enable charities and NGOs to communicate with those they're helping for free. We proudly provide free access to our technology for NGOs and non-profits.

We believe in a world where everyone has access to the information they need, and every chatbot we build helps to make this happen.

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The chatbot opportunity

What experiences will you deliver?

Pre-sales enquiries, funnel progression, conversational marketing, ecommerce via messaging apps, customer service, post-sale follow up and feedback, re-engagement? Chatbots can be as big as you can imagine.

Conversational marketing is here. It's happening right now. Engage in one-to-one, two way, conversation with anyone in the world. Personally or at scale. Welcome to the age of chatbots.

The stats

Over 2.5 billion people have at least one messaging app installed on their phone.

53% of people are more likely to spend money with a business they can contact via messaging app.

67% stated they are more likely to contact a business via messaging app over the next two years.

63.9% of consumers want businesses available and contactable via messaging app.

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chatbot opportunity

How we develop a chatbot

1. We'll help you define your goals, metrics and draw up a definition of success. What do you want to achieve and what does success look like for you?

2. Work side by side with a member of our team to work out conversion points, conversational UX and message flow. We'll also help figure out the language and tone of your conversational brand.

3. Use our in-house analysis and data to decide which channels are best for your audience and target countries. Will you go broad and deliver an experience across all 29 of our channels? Or concentrate on just one or two?

4. Using our enterprise-grade infrastructure and SLAs, we will roll out, monitor and maintain your chatbot. You'll have direct access to all the conversations, data, reporting and metrics in real time.

5. Benefit from our best practice knowledge for driving chatbot opt-ins and retaining users. Monitor, analyse, measure, and, if necessary, iterate and optimise your chatbot.

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One solution - all these channels

Facebook Messenger chatbot ubisend Slack chatbot ubisend Skype chatbot ubisend Line chatbot ubisend Telegram chatbot ubisend Viber chatbot ubisend WeChat chatbot ubisend SMS chatbot ubisend Email chatbot ubisend Nimbuzz chatbot ubisend Microsoft Teams chatbot ubisend KiK chatbot ubisend Hangouts chatbot ubisend IMO chatbot ubisend Kakao Talk chatbot ubisend VOIP chatbot ubisend Workplace chatbot ubisend Yammer chatbot ubisend Twitter chatbot ubisend Snapchat chatbot ubisend LinkedIn chatbot ubisend Instagram chatbot ubisend Hipchat chatbot ubisend Allo chatbot ubisend WhatsApp chatbot ubisend

Instant results

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We use ubisend to notify our readers through Messenger each time we publish a new scientific contribution on our site. Works perfectly and gets us instant traffic.