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Basically, we build humans

The most trainable, dependable, scalable and on-brand humans your company will ever have.

We have over a decade of experience in developing end-to-end chatbot solutions that solve real business problems.

What will your human do?

Humans and machines. Better together.

Tailored conversational software to fuel growth, drive insights and increase your bottom line.

Combine the very best of human brain and machine efficiency.

HR chatbot

Put the human back in HR

Power-up HR with a machine that instantly answers the questions your staff ask, and free your HR team to do what humans do best.

Key features
  • Learns from company documentation
  • Connects to internal HR platform
  • Secure and private

Service chatbot

Increase satisfaction

69% of customers like chatbots because they answer questions in real-time. Reduce support ticket and service workload while offering optimal customer service.

Key features
  • Learns from product documentation
  • Multiple lines of support
  • Seamless integrations

Sales chatbot

Grow revenue

Evidence shows consumers are ready to spend money through chatbots. Increase revenue by automatically up- and cross-selling, 24/7.

Key features
  • Learns from product features
  • Smart product recommendations
  • Sales insights

AI services

We develop and enhance your AI capabilities through consulting, education and bespoke product development.

Our consultancy team deliver a tailored and pragmatic approach for introducing and developing an internal AI function. We support your strategy to monetise and utilise data with knowledgable, insightful and ethical services.

Our educational services include a suite of evidence-based programmes which provide tacit knowledge and actionable skills across business functions and employee roles.

In product delivery, we specialise in the development, maintenance and refinement of NLU and machine learning solutions that are built with over a decade of industry experience.

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The ubisend advantage

End-to-end, bespoke chatbot solutions designed to fuel growth, drive insight from your data and increase the bottom line.

We've got you covered.

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    A wealth of expertise

    We have been working in the artificial intelligence and chatbot industry for over a decade. We're trusted by companies like Google, Facebook, and many Fortune100's.

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    Tailored solutions

    We don't do off-the-shelf and certainly don't do one-size-fits-all. Your business, its requirements and goals are unique. Just like your chatbot solution should be.

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    Complete data ownership

    Your data is valuable and you should be wary about who can access it. We can develop into your infrastructure with no reliance on external connections or services.


Working with Google and Archant

In January 2017, Google partnered with Archant and ubisend to turn over 150 years of newspaper archives into a conversational chatbot.

Trillions of forgotten words and memories covering all the key events from the last century and a half were locked away in a dusty basement. ubisend brought these words back to life using machine learning, natural language and voice assistant technologies.

Key figures

Over £1,000,000 in funding.

More than 9,000,000 newspaper articles turned into real-time conversation.

Conversational experiences across four conversational platforms.

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