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Basically, we build humans

The most trainable, dependable, scalable and on-brand humans your company will ever have.

From bespoke RPA and AI-layer software to automated conversational machine-humans.

What will your human do?

Humans and machines. Better together.

Bespoke AI-powered software that fuels growth, drives insights and increases the bottom line.

Combine the very best of human brain and machine efficiency.

Increase productivity, efficiency and growth with bespoke AI solutions

All the data is yours. All the artificial intelligence, machine learning, training models and code -- all yours. No third-parties or security concerns.

Built by an industry leading AI company and designed specifically to solve your problem.

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Intelligent automation

Save time, resource and energy by automating processes. Unattended, attended and hybrid virtual workforces that increase efficiency, reduce errors and costs. Welcome to humans 2.0.

Popular solutions
  • Browser and form automation
  • Data migration and processing
  • Automated reporting


Actionable insights

Clean and unify data silos to centralise and produce intelligent insights. Recommendation systems, behaviour and business analytics that uncover hidden revenue and efficiencies.

Popular solutions
  • Recommendation systems
  • Forecasting and analytics
  • Custom machine learning


Machine humans

Conversational software that turns data and knowledge into conversations. Pre-sale enquiries, funnel progression, conversational marketing and business intelligence solutions, at scale.

Popular solutions
  • Internal HR communications
  • Customer service assistant
  • Multi-channel sales

The ubisend advantage

Bespoke software to fuel growth, drive insights from your data and increase the bottom line.

We've got you covered.

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    Turn data into action

    Augment products and humans with custom machine learning, NLP and neural networks. Make data work for your business with actionable internal and external insights.

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    Automate the automatable

    RPA to lower the burden on expensive humans. Maximise business efficiency and deliver thoughtful automation with robust, scalable and cost-efficient software.

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    Communicate 24/7

    Fully automated, conversational software. Regardless of how people connect, harness artificial intelligence to provide self-service, engaging and natural communication.

The AI opportunity

Too large for your business to ignore?

Profit margins for companies who adopt AI are much higher than their industry peers (Mckinsey).

Inteligent implementation of AI technology can lead to higher customer/employee engagement and satisfaction, optimised production and maintenance, more efficient processes and a sustainable competitive advantage.

The stats

The share of jobs requiring AI has increased by 450% since 2013 (Adobe).

Global spending on AI will grow to $7.3 billion a year by 2022 (Juniper Research).

61% of companies with an innovation strategy use AI to identify opportunities they would have otherwise missed (Juniper Research).

72% of business leaders termed AI as a "business advantage" (PwC).

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