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Engage people using messaging apps they love

Connect with your audience using the communication channels they want. ubisend delivers your messages to any phone, anywhere in the world, through any available platform. That includes Facebook Messenger, Line, WeChat, SMS and more. For free*.

Making mobile messaging easy

Use our simple interface to write and build your campaign, then send your messages through the communication channel the user wants. It’s as easy as that.

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    Straightforward set up

    Integration is smooth and simple. Create your account in minutes, or you can hook up with our tech guys if you want to discuss APIs and chatbots.

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    Easy to use CMS

    Create your campaign in just three steps. It’s user friendly and you won’t have to get entangled with each platform’s messaging systems. Try it now.

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    Use the latest technology

    What should you be doing with WeChat? How do you get the highest conversion on FB Messenger? It’s our job to know. We’ll be with your every step of the way.

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    Data-driven reporting

    We’ll give you all the information you need to analyse your results so you can re-iterate and test again. What can we say – we’ll enable your inner geek.

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    Really reliable support

    If you have any questions give us a call, talk on live chat, or send us a message through FB Messenger. Or go old school and ping us an email.

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    Clear and competitive pricing

    With ubisend there are no hidden costs. We have three options; from a Free Forever account to a loaded business account. Discover our pricing.

A global impact through NGOs and non-profits

Mobile messaging plays a big part in the way charities reach people all around the world. But SMS is expensive and can have poor results. Part of our company’s mission is to disrupt that process by building a messaging tool that is efficient, easy to use and costs far less. We proudly provide free* access to our technology for NGOs and non-profits. We also match every SMS sent by a commercial company with a free SMS for NGO and non-profit users.

We believe in a world where everyone has access to the information they need.

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Get started in one minute

Well, 57 seconds to be exact. We know you’re busy, so we’ve made it quick and easy to try out our solution. We’ll only ask for minimal information – that does not include your card details.

Click the button below to give us a go. You’ll have access to all our features for free*.

Start sending messages, organising your campaigns and building your contact list today.

*Access to ubisend is completely free below 100 subscribers. If you choose to use SMS there is a cost per message sent. By the way - every SMS you pay for grants a free SMS for a charity.

Lets do this!

A wonderful way to reach my audience

We integrated mobile messaging to send out weekly offers to our 100,000 user database. With a 47% click rate, it worked wonders.