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An open rate of 98% and messages read within 3 minutes. Can you match that?

Engage your audience using cutting-edge technology. After all, your conversion rates deserve to be higher.

Manage mobile messaging across multiple platforms like FB Messenger, WeChat, Viber, Line, KiK, SMS and more (patent pending).

Tell people about new content on your site and engage in conversation with your customers for free, removing the cost of SMS, and much more.

Engage and converse with your audience in their native environment – directly through their favourite messaging applications.

Get started in seconds with Facebook Messenger, thanks to our one-click integration.

Prepare your campaigns

Write, edit, schedule and send messages across multiple messaging applications from one place, prepare content that will reach your audience in the applications they use.

Send at the right time

Schedule and send your messages when it makes sense for your customers. Quick sends, scheduled campaigns, drip feed, event-driven responces? Up to you!

Message received

Messages received directly to their favourite messaging application. You concentrate on the message, we worry about the integrations. If they reply? Great, communicate with two-way messaging through the platform.

See instant results

Track the impact of your messages by looking at clicked links statistics, most active users, most successful campaigns and messages, all in your tailor-made reports.

Grow. Perfect. Repeat.

Grow your audience and widen your reach using our handy growth tools, including, signup forms, keyword campaign triggers and auto responders.

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A global impact through
NGOs and non-profits
Free access

Mobile messaging is playing a huge part in the way charities help people all around the world. But, until now, messaging has been expensive and sometimes with poor results.

Part of our company’s mission is to disrupt that process. We have achieved the goal by building a messaging tool that is more efficient, easy to use and costs far less.

We proudly provide free access to our technology for NGOs and non-profits.

Pool of free SMS

One of the major pain points of delivering non-profit mobile messaging is the cost of sending SMS. Many remote areas in the world have limited internet connectivity and charities rely heavily on SMS to reach their audience.

Part of our company’s mission is to help by matching every SMS sent by a commercial company with a free SMS for our NGO and non-profit users.


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