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Live chat metrics

Track Everyone's Success

Monitor your team's performance with live chat metrics. Get insights into individual agent activity. All through easy-to-use reports.

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ubisend four dots Celebrate successes and learn together

Celebrate successes and learn together

Create an invaluable feedback loop.

Measure the impact and effectiveness of live chat on your users. As they first engage with your chatbot, then with your live agents, ensure their experience is satisfying and leads to success.

  • ✓ Total chats
  • ✓ Avg queue time
  • ✓ Chats resolved
  • ✓ Unclaimed chats

Live chat metrics help you track your team's performance and drill down on specific agent performances.

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Reconcile automation and humans

The best chatbots work hand-in-hand with a team of trusty humans.

Combine live chat and chatbot metrics to create a complete picture of your user's experience. Use this data to evaluate where automation could expand and where your team should interfere more often.

Compare user feedback to understand where your chatbot or agents might be failing. Solve underperforming conversations in real-time, as you glance at the dashboard or review your overall dashboard.

Use data to ensure your team and your chatbot work efficiently to create an excellent and successful user experience.

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ubisend four dots Reconcile automation and humans