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What is ubisend?

ubisend enables teams, business units, and departments to design and scale conversational automation, safe in the knowledge that whatever they create meets their company's compliance and governance standards.

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The chatbot infrastructure: a vision of the future of automation

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What makes ubisend different?

We believe workplace automation works best when approached bottom-up. Employees and teams know their processes best. We believe in giving them the tools they need to turn inefficiencies into automated conversations.

Our chatbot infrastructure makes it easy for staff to automate, knowing that whatever they do meets company-wide configured compliance and governance requirements.

Some of the largest companies in the world trust ubisend's enterprise-grade security, reliability, infrastructure, policies, and procedures.

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The power of the ubisend platform

Help customers faster and keep them happy.
Learn how customer service teams use ubisend.

Keep employees engaged and productive.
Learn how human resources staff use ubisend.

Convert prospects and boost conversions.
Learn how sales departments use ubisend.

Solve complex and unique challenges.
Build something bespoke onto the platform.

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What motivates us?

Since 2016, we have been helping some of the largest companies in the world become more efficient.

We have taken our years of experience building enterprise-grade bespoke NLP and ML software and turned all that knowledge, skill and proprietary technology into a class-leading, enterprise-wide conversational automation framework.

From the person in HR dealing with absence requests to the expense manager in finance sorting inbound expenses, the service agent steering a customer through a user-guide to the salesperson nailing a perfect problem-product pitch.

Using ubisend, all these people and teams can build automated conversational solutions. Solutions that take away their routine and mundane, freeing them to concentrate on the things only they can do.

ubisend is all of your business-wide class-leading chatbots, under one big compliant roof.

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Latest Insights

"It's been great to work with ubisend, it is clear that they are a driven and determined team of professionals who provided us with the top quality solution we needed where initially the end product was far from clear."

Chris Amos, project manager at Archant Limited