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What is ubisend?

ubisend is the world's most extensible chatbot platform. Businesses use its artificial intelligence and conversational software to solve challenges.

It's the only integrated chatbot platform that satisfies the chatbot needs of all departments -- including sales, customer service, and human resources.

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Why choose ubisend?

Our platform helps businesses automate and enhance their customer and employee conversations.

Create personalised conversational experiences that drive results, within your business and across your customer base, with our multi-use chatbot platform.

Move your business closer to peak efficiency by automating processes, shielding your teams from mundane tasks, and focusing on high-value activities.

Our chatbot platform is the only one you'll need across your whole business. It's all your chatbots, under one roof.

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The power of the ubisend platform

Help customers faster and keep them happy. Learn how ubisend helps customer service.

Keep employees engaged and productive. Learn how ubisend helps human resources.

Convert prospects and boost conversions. Learn how ubisend helps sales.

Solve your complex and unique business challenges. Learn about our bespoke AI software development services.

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What makes us do what we do?

We believe conversations between people and machines can make businesses more efficient. We believe any person should be able to have a direct and personal conversation with any business at any time they need.
Since we were founded, we have been combining this core belief with our expertise in artificial intelligence and software development to build a platform that delivers incredible results to businesses worldwide.
Encouraging conversations is a core ubisend value. This is why we don't charge customers per message, users, or even seats. This would be counter-productive.
We do what we do because we believe conversations help businesses, employees, and customers come together.
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Want to learn more about us?

Talk to us, meet us, write to us, email us, send us carrier pigeon using the details below.

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106 Ber Street

Norwich, NR1 3ES

United Kingdom

+44 800 368 8885


10 Finsbury Square

London, EC2A 1AF

United Kingdom

+44 800 368 8885

Latest Insights

"ubisend can be relied upon to provide clear and accurate communication, no question is considered ‘too small’ and all questions are answered in a timely, accurate manner."

Chris Amos, project manager at Archant Limited