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NLP Providers

Swap NLP, for Compliance or Efficiency

Comply with your business requirements or use pre-trained models by swapping NLP providers. The ubisend platform is uniquely built to support our proprietary NLP as well as popular external NLP engines.

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ubisend four dots Comply with your tech stack requirements

Comply with your tech stack requirements

Make chatbot adoption easy for your CIO.

ubisend is the only chatbot platform to allow the simple swapping of NLP providers.

Are you required to stick to Google, Microsoft, or Amazon technology? Not a problem. Our driver approach enables you to switch to the NLP provider of your choice, without sacrificing any of the platform's features.

Aside from the out-of-the-box proprietary ubisend NLP, the platform supports:

  • ✓ ubinlp (built-in)
  • ✓ Dialogflow
  • ✓ Wit.ai
  • ✓ Microsoft Luis
  • ✓ Amazon Lex
  • ✓ IBM Watson
  • ✓ spaCy
  • And more.
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Use, re-use, and export your models

Don't let your hard work go to waste.

Whether you've spent time building models or are migrating an existing chatbot into the ubisend platform, a simple NLP swap will allow you to keep the ball rolling.

Thinking you might want to export your NLP models from the ubisend platform? By swapping NLP providers, you retain full control over your work, allowing you to export and use your models anywhere you need.

Our unique approach to NLP encourages flexibility and ownership over your work and your data.

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ubisend four dots Use, re-use, and export your models