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Keeping your Data Safe at all Times

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ubisend four dots Protect your user data

Protect your user data

We provide a safe and trustworthy place for your data.

Every piece of data the ubisend platform receives, sends, or hosts are encrypted for your protection. Data is encrypted in transit with X.509 certificate-based RSA-2048 SSL encryption. 

Both in transit and at rest, data is encrypted using the industry-standard AES-256 encryption algorithm. 

Need more control? Use our data export features to extract and examine any piece of information the platform hosts on your account or chatbot users.

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Part of a wealth of security measures

Providing a safe place for your data is a core part of our mission.

Data encryption is one part of a broader obsession to make ubisend secure.

From stringent security certifications such as ISO27001 and CyberEssentials to a dedicated internal security team and strict environment infrastructure, we put all our efforts into ensuring maximum data protection.

Read more about our security measures.

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ubisend four dots Part of a wealth of security measures