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ubisend Case Studies


The £3.1 Million Revenue Chatbot

Our client want a chatbot to help sell products at the biggest and most crucial time of the year. Discover how a sales chatbot closed over £3million within ten days.


University Triage Chatbot in 2 Weeks

Our client is a popular UK-based university. Discover how a chatbot helps triage applying students and point them in the right direction.


AI Layer Reduces Digital Agency Customer Churn

Our client wants help reducing customer churn. Discover how we applied an artificial intelligence layer on top of their processes to suss out where customers drop off.

"ubisend's fresh and enthusiastic approach to the task left us in no doubt that we had picked the ideal strategic partners to work with"

Chris Amos, Project Manager

Archant Media Company


Chatbot Raises 1 Million Laughs for Comic Relief

Our client wants something new, innovative, and fun to help them raise money for charity. Discover how we built PG tips' Monkey chatbot.


AI-driven Algorithm Helps 7 Million Customers

Our client wants a chatbot to help their customers navigate a complex product offering. Discover how an AI-driven chatbot helps over 7 million customers.


Migrating a DIY Chatbot to a Custom Build

Our client had dabbled into chatbots using a free platform. They now needed the real deal. Discover how we helped them transition.

"ubisend's chatbot technology has done wonders to our bottom line. Our sales chatbot is not just another sales tool. It has a real presence, an in-depth knowledge of our complex sales process, and a positive impact on our customers."

India Pride, Digital Marketing Manager

Autorama Group


HR Chatbot Unclogs Helplines by 37%

Our client's HR department needs help servicing over 200,000 employees. Discover how an HR chatbot gave the team over a third of their time back.


Google-funded Chatbot Planned Over 18 Months

Our client came up with a crazy idea and got it funded by Google. Discover how we're helping turn 150 years of newspapers into a chatbot.


FAQ Chatbot Reduces Customer Support Emails by 83%

Our client is... ubisend. Our support team gets hammered with repetitive questions every day. Discover how we built a chatbot to help our service department.


Online Media Chatbot Hits 84% Read Rate

Our client needs to reach a wider percentage of their audience. Discover how a Facebook Messenger chatbot helped improve their engagement by 1,428%.