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FAQ Chatbot Reduces Customer Support Emails by 83%

Product used: SaaS FAQ chatbot.

Our client is an artificial intelligence company. They build chatbots for mid to large businesses worldwide. They excel in RPA, AI, and machine learning. They also are the leading chatbot white labelling service, with a vast network of thousands of chatbot resellers using their bot deployment platform.

Our client is... ubisend.

Enquiries on enquiries on enquiries

Not to brag, but we get lots of enquiries every day. Like, seriously, lots.

Many of these enquiries turn out to be repetitive. This isn’t a surprise to us, as it is the very reason most of our clients reach out to us for help. The same questions day in, day out, which humans have to copy-paste the same answers day in, day out. It’s literally chatbot opportunity 101.

For the longest time, we had no time to work on our own solution. Inundated by client work and rapid company growth, the thought of putting dev time on building something for ourselves seemed a bit silly.

Then, we released our chatbot deployment platform.

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Easy chatbot deployment

Our chatbot deployment platform allows our partners to spin up enterprise-grade chatbots in just a few minutes. Our development and our partnership team have designed ‘master’ chatbots that have the particular skills and capabilities needed to service a specific industry.

For instance, we have restaurant chatbots that are geared up and trained to talk about menu items, book tables, offer promos, etc. A company wishing to resell restaurant chatbots can literally create an account on our platform, fill up a few details, and start selling this state-of-the-art chatbot to all its customers.

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This was the best opportunity to help ourselves. We put one of our junior developers on the case and asked her to build us a ubisend Master ubisend website-based chatbot. It would just have to, for now, answer questions about the company, our chatbot building services, and our partnership platform.

A significant time-saver

We work on these solutions all day, every day. Our goal is to save our clients’ time and money automating processes and making their data smarter/more accessible.

Still, it feels so good to experience it first hand.

Overnight, we managed to cut 83.4% of the emails sent to our support team. Our biggest channel of interaction is Facebook Messenger, with hundreds of enquiries per day (‘what does it cost to become a partner?’ ‘Do you integrate with WhatsApp?’, etc.).

We, of course, offer our chatbot users the opportunity to reach out to us if the bot hasn’t done its job. In the last month, we have received 477 email enquires out of 37,864 chatbot interactions (1.25%).

And we’re just getting started 🙂.

Start reducing the strain on your support team today. Talk to chatbot experts.

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"ubisend’s fresh and enthusiastic approach to the task left us in no doubt that we had picked the ideal strategic partners to work with"

Chris Amos, project manager at Archant Limited