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ubisend Case Studies


Recruitment Chatbot Reduces Unqualified Job Applications by 73%

Our client is a medium-size construction business based in the UK, with approximately 1,200 employees.


FTSE100 HR Chatbot Decreases Inbox Traffic by 43%

Our client has a 100,000-employee strong workforce that spans across 75 countries. Discover how an HR chatbot solves their timezone and inbox volume challenges.


Van Leasing Sales Chatbot Generates 30,000+ Leads

Our client wants a sales chatbot to scale lead generation and generate autonomous sales. Discover how our solution exceeded expectations.

"ubisend's fresh and enthusiastic approach to the task left us in no doubt that we had picked the ideal strategic partners to work with"

Chris Amos, Project Manager

Archant Media Company


Publishing Company Deploys Alexa Chatbot in Record Time

Our client wants to innovate with voice technology, particularly Alexa chatbot. Discover how we helped them put a test version together in a few days.


Cross-channel, Multi-product Chatbot Produces 16,000 Leads

Our client wants to be available to more clients across multiple channels. Discover how a multi-channel, multi-product chatbot produces leads for them day in day out.


Customer Service Chatbot to Stop the Support Tickets

Our client wants to reduce the incredible load of support tickets their team needs to handle every day. Discover how a frontline customer service chatbot saves their team 35% of their time.

"ubisend's chatbot technology has done wonders to our bottom line. Our sales chatbot is not just another sales tool. It has a real presence, an in-depth knowledge of our complex sales process, and a positive impact on our customers."

India Pride, Digital Marketing Manager

Autorama Group


One HR Chatbot to Rule Them All

Our client wants to offer a helpful HR chatbot to their customers... all 6,000 of them. Discover how we adapted our build to create a fully custom HR chatbot at scale.


Recruitment Robot, ubisend Style

Our clients is... ubisend! Discover how ubisend uses its own technology to find, qualify, and ultimately hire the best candidates.


RPA Saves 950 Minutes of Human Time per Day

Our client wants to automate one of the most time consuming tasks their salespeople have to work through every day. Discover how our complex RPA solution saves them 950min per day.


The £3.1 Million Revenue Chatbot

Our client want a chatbot to help sell products at the biggest and most crucial time of the year. Discover how a sales chatbot closed over £3million within ten days.