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RPA Saves 950 Minutes of Human Time per Day

Product used: custom sales chatbot.

High growth company stalls on the mundane

A UK-based insurance company had teams of over-qualified humans taking data submitted by customers and copy-pasting it into insurance company websites. They were applying for credit checks on behalf of the user to qualify them for their products.

The problem was, these were highly trained sales and support humans. Why were they wasting precious time doing something so repetitive and dull, something a machine can do quicker and more accurately?

Browser automation to the rescue

After a period of process mapping, we created a diagrammatic view of how a customer went from initial contact to credit checked and approved.

With eight insurance company websites to integrate with, no API availability and over 200 checks to do per day, it soon became clear that some form of browser automation would be required.

browser automation RPA example

ubisend geeks sat next to the humans performing this role and tracked every mouse click, keyboard tap and page save. We then built a bespoke software suite that replicated precisely what they did.

It's like having someone complete that single task perfectly

The software connects to the client's system and springs to life when a customer requests the product. With an API connection to their database, the software pulls out the customer details it needs, fires up a headless browser, logs into the relevant websites and fills in all the forms. It reads the approval/deny message and sends that back to the client's system.

This software lives on the client's server, the data goes to no third-parties, and it works 24/7. A custom dashboard shows the metrics and gives a birds-eye view of the entire process. The build took around four weeks and, seeing the success; the client has identified another 54 processes to tackle.

Happy customer who wants more of what we can do. Winners all-round.

Start saving precious resources today. Talk to chatbot experts.

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"ubisend can be relied upon to provide clear and accurate communication, no question is considered ‘too small’ and all questions are answered in a timely, accurate manner."

Chris Amos, project manager at Archant Limited