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HR Chatbot Unclogs Helplines by 37%

Product used: SaaS HR chatbot.

Note: Though we are under strict NDA with this client not to share any information, they have allowed us to write about their particular project. The only requirement is that, for now, we keep their name private. Enter 'Masked Financial Services'!

Masked Financial Services is a 200,000 employee strong, well-known, global company. The sheer scale of their operations leads to human resource challenges. Their core HR team deals with an average of 6,000 calls and upwards of 9,000 emails per month from employees with various HR questions.

Masked Financial Services came to ubisend with a simple goal: help them reach their SLAs.

Through different development and release phases, the HR chatbot managed to handle 37% of HR enquiries. And it is only the beginning.

Managing, understanding, and delivering a breadth of content

One step at a time

The amount of material sitting in the HR department of any large company is humongous. Given that our client is a (very) large financial company, we prepared ourselves to handle vast amounts of documents. Employee handbooks, benefits packages, policies, terms and conditions, health & safety and more.

ubisend got to work, following our usual iterative approach.

First, we requested Masked Financial Services' most frequently asked-for documentation and what HR thought the most common questions were. Along with that, we gathered and centralised all the data from all HR documents -- whatever the format.

We built their HR chatbot solution as a live chat widget, sitting on their secure HR portal 24/7. After a month of intense testing and NLU training, the Masked Financial Services chatbot went live. Off the back of this first phase, we managed to service 18% of inbound enquiries instantly.

There is immense power in self-serving. Unfortunately, HR platforms do not always suit the employee's need for conversation and follow-up questions. A conversational, highly trained, and intelligent chatbot allows us to deliver personal interaction at scale to all our employees, whenever they need it.

As Masked Financial Services' chatbot became smarter, broadening its knowledge of the documentation, we moved to phase two.

In phase two, we started integrating more topics. We first focused on the most common ones: leave, absence and payroll. The combined knowledge of these broad topics and the depth at which the chatbot could handle them enabled it to self-manage over 37% of inbound enquiries.

Today, we are implementing new and more complex topics. Combined with internal software integrations, Masked Financial Services' chatbot is set to become their HR team's favourite tool.

Riding on the early success of their chatbot, Masked Financial Services are seeing increases in employee productivity and satisfaction in the service HR provided.

Start alleviating the strain on your HR team today. Talk to chatbot experts.

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