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Chatbots + Instagram: How to Automate a Customer Favourite Channel


Turning a resource-heavy channel into one that drives the business forward.

This webinar about Instagram chatbots was hosted on Wednesday, 03 Nov 2021. It is now available on-demand, fill out the form above to access to the recording.

Instagram has exploded as a business channel, with 200 million users visiting at least one business profile daily (source).

This explosion has presented an array of new challenges for businesses.

Inboxes have become flooded with repetitive queries and many prospects are failing to convert.

As businesses learn to master Instagram as a channel, innovative teams have turned to chatbots to assist them on their journey.

In this webinar, our team of experts will discuss what matters most when it comes to Instagram chatbots:

  • Automating DM enquiries and FAQs
    • How to, best practices, and expected results
  • Turning Instagram into an automated lead generation machine
    • Unique tactics, exciting experiments, and tracking performance
  • New and exciting ways of building your brand
    • Boosting engagement, gaining positive customer interactions, and standing out from your competitors

We'll discuss how you can use Instagram chatbots to drive your entire business forward

And of course, we'll demonstrate everything using the ubisend platform in real-time.


This webinar was live on: Wednesday 3rd November

Duration: 1hr

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