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The Marketing Quick Introduction to Chatbots


Introducing chatbots, a guide written for marketers

This jargon-free guide covers everything a marketer needs to know about chatbots:

  • The low-down on chatbots. What are they, why should you care, and how can you use them in your business.
  • The journey so far. Get the quick 'chatbot history' tour to make sure you are up to speed on the trend.
  • Common use cases. An overview of the most popular, and impactful, chatbot use cases.
  • Data-backed future predictions. Understand the tech, uncover the direction it's heading.
  • Chatbots as a service. All you need to know about including chatbots in your offering.

Tailored for marketing agencies

Clients are rapidly implementing chatbots and they want an expert they can turn to.

Marketing agencies are in the perfect position to fill this void.

The dawn of chatbots as a service is upon us and it's time marketers caught up on the trend.

We took an in-depth look at the most common questions we get from marketers and marketing execs, and bundled our answers into one neat document.

Have a client meeting coming up? Thinking of introducing chatbots to your management team?

Grab this guide and dazzle them with your knowledge.

An introduction to chatbot use cases

Preparing marketers for the future of chatbots

Chatbots have emerged as pivotal tech in the world's AI revolution. You, as a marketer, will likely be faced with getting the best return possible from a chatbot.

You'll need to learn to craft copy, refine experiences, and more.

This great introduction to chatbots will provide you with the perfect springboard to further your understanding.

In the near future, when you present how your work on the latest chatbot smashed all targets, you'll think back to it starting here.

Learn what chatbots are (without being too technical). Then, get insights on the future of the trend with facts and data to take to your hierarchy.

Chatbots and AI are changing the world. Don't be left catching up. Download the guide now.