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Service: Technology That Puts the Customer First

It's simple. Chatbots enhance customer service performance

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The service department faces unique challenges. To the customer-facing team, it's not just about answering queries. It's about being there for the customer, when they need it.

It's as much about quality as speed.

Discover how chatbots become the service department's ally in enhancing the customer experience.

The challenges of modern customer service

SLA commitments

Modern day customer service is all about SLAs and performance targets.

Processes are in place to make sure customer tickets are resolved as quickly as possible.

Customers expect faster and more convenient communication with the businesses they love. This increases the number of tickets, making reaching SLAs increasingly harder.

HR impossible SLAs

Customer-first culture

Customer-first is the name of the game.

In this culture, availability and empathy are key to a succesful interaction with a customer.

Unfortunately, the sheer volume of tickets coupled with higher expectations both from customers and management means service reps are spread thin, often unable to give people the attention deserved.

ubisend customer service chatbot conversation dashboard

Ever more complex cases

Profiling customers and their issues is becoming more prevalent.

Customers hate repeating themselves and explaining complex issues (HBR, 2010). Service reps are expected to know more about the issue than the customers.

In the real world, fact finding is a thankless part of the conversation which often frustrates the customer.

complex customer service case

How chatbots can help

Reduce workload with a frontline service chatbot

Give your customers the help they need, instantly.

Your service chatbot knows everything about your products and services. It instantly answers key, repetitive, customer queries; giving your service reps the time to focus on complex tickets, helping your managers achieve their SLAs, and keeping the customers happy.

Learn about service chatbots

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Success stories from our customer service clients

ubisend helps companies of all size delight their customers. We develop tailored customer service solutions that meet our clients' specific needs and goals.

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    Publishing brand solves ticket overload

    The price of success, it seems, may be the number of daily support tickets a Fortune100 company gets.

    Learn how a service chatbot solution helped reduce the load by 48% in the flick of a switch.

    Ticketing chatbot case study

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    Tech company unclogs flooded support inbox

    Complex products or services lead customers to firing off emails and reaching out more often.

    Learn how a prominent tech company solves 83% of their daily inquiries with an FAQ service chatbot.

    Service FAQ chatbot case study

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Instant service and saving staff resources

babycenter ubisend customer review

ubisend has transformed the way we approach customer service. Our custom-made chatbot has allowed us to provide our users with an instant service and saved staff resources.

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