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Turn your business into a conversation

We use natural language processing and machine learning technology to turn complex business interactions into simple conversations.

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Research shows 48% of people see chatbots as the easiest way to interact with a business

Consumers demand everything to be instantaneous. Finding the right product, the right information, the right link -- all of it needs to be available, at any time.

In business, this is true for customer and employee interactions.

We use our machine learning technology to turn any document, handbook, product database, customer service queries -- anything digital, into conversations.

Imagine when interacting with your business is as easy as starting a simple, natural conversation. That is the power of chatbots.

Chatbots make you more efficient and accessible

Turn complex into simple

AI chatbots turn complex interactions into simple conversations. Reading long documents, scanning pages of information, searching on a website -- all too complex.

Your chatbot makes accessing your information a breeze. It allows your customers to simply ask their questions.

Your chatbot gives users their time back with direct access to the information they need in a format that anyone can use.

HR chatbot automating internal enquiries

Conversational, helpful, accurate

Your chatbot is not another complicated self-service tool. It integrates into your current intranet or website backend; getting information from it is as simple as having a conversation.

As well as being there to help 24/7, your chatbot is always accurate. It is a single source of truth, always up-to-date and ready to help.

Become data-driven and learn the questions people frequently ask. Spot trends, deal with problems before they arise and turn your business proactive.

HR chatbot conversational help

Personal attention they deserve

Your chatbot gives its users the time and attention they deserve. It is an instant one-on-one interaction, solving problems and answering questions in real time.

Whether it is helping your employees understand the HR handbook, assisting customers looking for the right product or providing customer service. Your chatbot gives undivided attention -- at scale.

35% of consumers already want to see more companies using chatbots. They want, no, they demand, immediate responses. Chatbots are the way to deliver.

HR chatbont one on one assistance

Our key chatbot solutions

HR chatbot

Focus on what matters

Chatbots have shown to give HR staff 30 to 50% of their time back. Give your staff the answers they seek instantly, all the while freeing your department's time to work on what humans do best.

Key features
  • Learns from company documentation
  • Connects to internal HR platform
  • Secure and private

Service chatbot

Increase satisfaction

69% of customers love chatbots because they give instant answers to their questions in real-time. Reduce the ticket and service workload while offering optimal customer service.

Key features
  • Learns from product documentation
  • Multiple lines of support
  • Seamless integrations

Sales chatbot

Grow revenue

Research has shown consumers are ready to spend money through chatbots. Increase revenue by automatically up- and cross-selling through AI conversations, 24/7.

Key features
  • Learns from products features
  • Smart product recommendations
  • Sales insights

Improve communication

Once communication is no longer a headache. Once your brand can deliver instant service to any enquiry 24/7. Once automation gives your team their time back. What will your business do next?

Let's talk about your AI chatbot
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    AI technology

    Your chatbot is intelligent, ever learning, ever improving to deliver better experiences.

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    Always on

    Your chatbot never sleeps, takes breaks, drinks or goes on holiday. It's 24/7, all year round, ready to help.

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    Claim back your time

    Get time back. Automate the mundane communication and increase employee productivity across all departments.

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    HR solutions

    Chatbots aren't just for customers. Train it to help your employees self-serve at your company. Unclog the HR inbox.

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    Sales solutions

    All product knowledge, packed into one chatbot. Automatically upselling and cross-selling, cross-channel and 24/7.

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    Customer service solutions

    Give your customers instant support and service, answering questions at scale, and speed.

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Every chatbot solution is shipped with a monitoring tool and data analytics dashboard.

Powerful alone. Better together.

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RPA helps increase productivity by deploying a digital workforce that works 24/7. Trained to complete the tasks you set them.

Turn complex, repetitive processes over to a highly trained, efficient and customised robot that becomes your competitive advantage.



The AI layer centralises all data, provides a data-led bird's eye view of a business, and produces insights from across its moving parts.

Unearth profitable patterns, repeatable successes by turn your data into predictive models for increasing future revenue.



A chatbot turns data into a conversation. Provide access to complex insights and knowledge with human-like, natural conversations.

Data and insights are useless if they're too complex to understand. Remove complexity using natural language, allowing you to 'just ask'.

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ubisend are a driven and determined team of professionals who provided us with the top quality chatbot solution we needed. Their fresh and enthusiastic approach to the task leave us in no doubt that we have picked the ideal provider to work with.”

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