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Learn about the voice giant and discover how an Alexa chatbot could become a key business differentiator.

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What is an Alexa Chatbot?

An Alexa chatbot is a voice chatbot that lives on the Amazon Echo devices.

Since their first release in 2014, the Amazon Echoes have grown in popularity. In 2020, over 14% of UK households own one or several of these devices.

As the market for voice automation continues to grow, businesses are looking into Alexa chatbots as an opportunity for innovation and differentiation.

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Why Alexa?

As of 2020, there are two major voice-activated device manufacturer: Google and Amazon.

Alexa powers the Echo devices built by Amazon. Amazon were the first to go to market with a voice device specifically built to be scattered around the house.

Over the years, Amazon have created a trustworthy environment with a vast library of tools and guides.

Since 2018, ubisend have personally been developing chatbot solutions on Alexa, generating in-depth knowledge of the service.

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What are the business advantages?

The smart speaker market is growing rapidly. In 2020, about 21% of UK households own a smart speaker.

There is an incredible opportunity for businesses to be the first amongst their competitors to take a step in this new and exciting environment.

Early adopters saw an opportunity for a branding play. Experimenting with voice allowed marketers to reach new levels of creativity. Now, businesses can also generate revenue through channels like in-skill purchases.

While the smart device market has sustainably grown for the last few years, there is still time to become an industry's first-mover.

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Can ubisend build Alexa chatbots?


We have a long history of developing Alexa chatbots and working closely with Amazon.

In 2018, a client's project, Local Recall, notably got funding from Google to build a first of its kind voice chatbot on both Alexa and Google Assistant (read more).

Our system allows us to build chatbots using bespoke natural language processing (NLP) or Lex, Amazon's own NLP, or a mix of both.

Use cases for Alexa chatbots

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